Is Your Life About Sustaining Illusions?


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People told me that it was how I came to be. They said that I was in the womb for 9 months and then after that I came out and then became part of the world. They told me that everyone comes into existence that way. A small cell called a sperm from the male, comes out in millions and all of them go to an egg. Only one out of all those millions are actually strong enough to get into the egg. The one that gets into the egg, goes into something called fertilization. Somehow, after 9 months (or for others they may come sooner, and still others later) here I am. The funny thing is, I have been living on this earth now for 25 years. Funny how the concept of time plays such a big role on this planet called earth. They’ve classified everything according to time and have even incorporated it into their language. They have divided up their life into seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years. So according to this system of calculation I am 25 years old. It is funny because the more I look at the world and study my role in it, the more I see that everything that these people hold to be real are nothing more than a bunch of agreements. How old I am is because of an agreement. I am not 25 years old, there is no such thing. The only fact that can be stated about me is that I am. This is already a most amazing fact, but people have certain fixed ideas about what I am supposed to be doing and not doing. The longer I am here (using their concept of time) the more I start to see that everything that exists is due to agreements that we have with the world.

Countries don’t exist! They never did. If you believe they always did, then where was the United States of America 800 years ago? It was just a piece of land with inhabitants. There was no name ever given to it. Realize that these lands have no names attached to them. The names that we give them are the ones that stick. Who is it that created the United States of America? We did. And we are constantly doing it every day by using it in our everyday language until it becomes one of our automatic agreements. The letters of the alphabet are not really letters of the alphabet, they are symbols that we have agreed can constitute to form what we call the English language. It’s really funny because I will be using the medium of the agreement that you have called language, to actually show you that everything that’s REAL for you in your life is only so because of your agreements.

This is another distinction that I have found fascinating. Our world is a collection of voluntary and automatic agreements. Automatic agreements are voluntary agreements that have been enforced throughout the ages and throughout history. It’s a very funny thing, this world. A lot of you may not find any benefit from a book like this, but it does have something funny to share with you. The truth is that you are living in a world created by yourself. You are living in your very own matrix. Facts that don’t exist, you have created them into facts. There are no facts, only agreements. The purpose of this work is not to propound a new philosophy. It is just to share the experience of agreements with everyone who is alive and who has been born and given what we have agreed to call life! Everything is a bunch of agreements. And if you believe that then that is your agreement with me.

How can this information help you, the reader, to live a better life? In my estimation, what this book will do for you is to make you look deeper into what you have agreed to. Some of the agreements are helping you and others are hindering you. By the time you finish this book, you will have a very clear experience that we are basically living in agreements and if there are any that don’t serve you, all it takes is your disagreement. There are people who have done that though, and they are now in the mental asylums. But you have to realize that they are the wisest of the people in this world because they’ve realized that we live in a world that is totally sustained by agreement. Agreement is a wonderful way to hold up the world. Agreement is the Atlas that is holding up the world. Without it, there would be chaos. However, because of some agreements, there is chaos right now! This is where we should have a deeper look into the world of agreements to see what serves us and what stops us from making this world a better place and making a difference in the world in this short span of life that we are alive in.

Sukhbir Singh is the Founder of LifeApps! Personal Development International and also the developer of the Create Your Purpose Seminar / Workshop Series. The aim of this company is to create a space in which people can start to explore themselves as they really are, rather than as who they are supposed to be. He is also the author of the forthcoming book The World is an Agreement of which this article is an excerpt.

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