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The day of Monday is either considered the first or second day of the week. It comes after Sunday and before Tuesday. The name “Monday" comes from Mani, who is the Germanic Moon god. Monday is often considered to be the first day of the week. It is considered as this in most of Europe, Australia, parts of Africa, and South America. ISO 8601, the international standard, also defines Monday as the first day of the week. The traditional view held by Canada and the United States, have Monday as the second day of the week.

In modern culture Monday is usually looks at being the beginning of a work week. This is because it is usually on Monday when adults go back to work and children go back to school after a “weekend" (Saturday & Sunday)

In America Monday is never viewed as being a good day, as it means going back to the daily grind of another work week. A typical work week in North America is 40 hours long. That 40 hours is eight hours over five days, with normal office hours being between 9am-5pm. Because of this image as being the worst day of the week Monday's are often made the enemies of several jokes, and comments. An example of this is Garfield, a comic strip cat, who constantly is at war with Monday. Alot of companies try to cash in on this image, and give people something to look forward to on Monday's. Who has heard of “Monday Night Football ", or “Monday Club"?

Monday is home to several important dates throughout past and present history. Dates such as Easter Monday (hard to get that one wrong), and Black Monday, Blue Monday, Easter Monday, First Monday, Handsel Monday, Manic Monday, Miracle Monday, Plough Monday, Wet Monday, Whit Monday.

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