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Gaze at School for Slow Learners


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Slow learners have the IQ ranges from 55 / 60 to 85 / 90. They have a wide range of abilities and a variety of characteristics depending on their background. Their learning styles is totally different from the normal students and thus education process are differently designed for them. These students are struggle a lot in the process of education and thus require proper guidance from the teachers and instructors.

However they have greater intellectual capabilities if they get proper guidance.

Every person has few intellectual abilities in him, and most of them possess it for common sense. To be a Slow Learner may not be that demanding but after being slow learner showing the potential of learning is something to be much appreciated.

Some of the characteristics that are observed in slow learner are so that most of the slow learners thinking capability is less than the normal students, most fundamental point is the slow learners cannot concentrate for long time on a particular concept or activity. Slow learners respond very late to any activity. They cannot figure out things easily in a single instruction, the same instruction has to be repeated to them in different styles according to their thinking level.
Slow learners have the ability of learning everything what the standard students can but only the memory procedure is slow. We can help slow learners in their hard education process and this can be mainly done by their parents, teachers and friends also. a few superb sources must be used to teach the slow learners which will attract their attention and make them to concentrate on their studies.

There is no such particular medium for slow learners as they are treated and educated with the average students only. Yet, there are a few very rational schools for slow learners at very few areas. The School for Slow Learners has many activities for them.

The main skill that a teacher or parent of the slow learner should have is PATIENCE. If the guider doesn’t have patience while handling the Slow Learners they might have bad effect on their guider. Most of the time it happens so that the child performs good when the concept is thought to them at that moment, but during assessment they fail to do so and as result they get lower grades.

Slow Learners mental ability is not that sharp as that of the average students. In the School the Slow Learners should be treated well with the average students. They should not be kept aside from the regular activities.

The School should motivate them to race with the other students.
Slow learners take greater time to respond and thus require special strategies to develop their learning skills. However these students show extreme interest in the learning process and thus teaching them is becomes more interesting too. These students set an example for the average lazy students.

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