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Psychology observational learning


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Psychology observational learning occurs when someone acquires new knowledge vicariously by observing what happens to others. Psychology observational learning is basically learning by observation. In Psychology observational learning we observe the behavior of other, observe the consequences, and then will imitate their behavior. Observational learning is the most powerful way of learning. Observational learning is also known as social learning or modeling. Many people thing observational learning is same thing as imitation but it is not the same in imitation, an observer mimics a modeled behavior, in observational learning, behavioral changes are acquired. So both imitation and Psychology observational learning is different.

Psychology observational learning is characterized by four stages:

  1. Attention
  2. Retention
  3. Motor reproduction
  4. Motivation and opportunity

Some of the advantages of Psychology observational learning:

  1. New responses are learned by observing the model.
  2. It helps in Observing several models performing and then adapting a combination of characteristics or styles.
  3. It helps to evaluate our performance.
  4. It helps to transmit new ways of thinking and behaving.
  5. Psychology observational learning from the symbolic environment is playing an increasingly powerful role in people's everyday lives.
  6. Observational learning plays a very important role in education.
  7. Observational learning promotes social and environmental contexts.
  8. Observational learning does not require enactment of the modeling activities during learning.
  9. It helps students must get a chance to observe and model the behavior that leads to a positive reinforcement.
  10. It helps us to Teaches new behaviors.
  11. Can encourage previously forbidden behaviors.
  12. Can increase or decrease similar behaviors.
  13. Psychology observational learning explores to gain new knowledge and competencies.
  14. It enables them to abbreviate knowledge acquisition by learning from the examples provided by others.

Psychology observational learning has centered on the acquisition of knowledge, cognitive skills, and new styles of behavior through observational learning. Observational learning has strong motivational effects. In Psychology observational learning observers can acquire lasting attitudes, values, and emotional dispositions toward persons and places.

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