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How to Focus on Your Essay Writing Task


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Most students cannot easily complete their essay writing assignments due to the lack of focus on the task itself. They either think that the task should be accomplished only after they have finished constructing the essay in their heads. Other students, who think that an essay is easier to complete, do not focus more on their essay but on their dissertation instead. It eventually leads them to get sidetracked from completing theiressays. This could pose as a risk to their academic performance. To stay out of the dangers of failing, here are simple steps to keep you, students, in focus for your essay writing task:Defining focus. Youcan start listing down the things that can help you keep focused. By carefully defining these boundaries, you can easily formulate a plan that can help you keep in focus with your work.

At this stage, you must already have a clear idea on what your professor wants from your essay. This will help you decide on the approach you will choose for your assignment.

Avoid distractions. Once you have already formulated a list, you already know what to pursue and what to avoid in order to keep you in focus. With the list, you know what elements you have to stay away from since they can distract you from your work. If you are the type of person who gets easily distracted by noise, you can now start choosing a silent spot that allows you to concentrate on your tasks. Break down the essay writing task into smaller steps. Youcan now start doing smaller tasks that can contribute to the completion of your essays .

Most of you think that an essay must be done in one time, which is not the real case. You have to spend time doing research, taking notes and writing drafts-things which you can easily schedule at different times. You could start with clearing up a portion of your schedules simply for taking down notes or gather data for support.

Organise collected information. Once you have started sorting out the tasks you can do for the duration of your essay writing process, you can proceed with focusing on each task one by one. Once you have collected the data that you needed, you might as well start organising them.

Sort out the information that is only useful for you and take this information out. In this stage, you only have to make sure that the content that you have chosen are truly relevant for your essay.

Prioritise on the approach. With the useful data already collected, you can now tackle on the approach of the essay you want to make.

Prioritise on the approach that can possibly use all the data you have chosen. Choose the most important point for your essay and work out a plan on how you could build it up in your essay. You can use arrows to link your ideas to guide you. Start out with writing a few lines so you know how and where to transition your thoughts.

Start with the easy task. You easily get distracted and discouraged from finishing your essaybecause you do not know where to start. But once you have a list on what to do, you can easily decide what is easier to accomplish and cross it out from the list. It will make things more convenient and less time consuming and you will feel more encouraged to finish your essay because you have accomplished all the other tasks with ease. The advantage of starting on the easier tasks first is that you feel more confident to continue the harder ones since you’ve already built up a working foundation. Before you know it, you have already created an essay draft that you only need to rewrite and polish. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Most writers say that the hardest part of the essay writing process is the rewriting stage. Most of the times, while you are reviewing and editing your draft, new ideas come out that you have to incorporate them in your draft. Continue the cycle of rewriting and incorporating until you are sure that what you have read is the essay you want to pass.


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