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Making a Silk of High Quality Takes Time and Effort


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The process of harvesting and manufacturing silk products is a huge business. Whether its garments or even a silk tapestry, the simple fact is that it is big business. While most of us know where it comes from and may even know about how the fabric is harvested, most of the facts surrounding its production is still a mystery to many. Many people do not know that the fabric that we wear today is harvested under domestic situations. Of course there are silkworms that produce it in the wild; but that type of it is not normally used to manufacture goods.

The actual process of manufacturing it is rather a complicated and lengthy task. A huge amount of work is required to produce a small amount of silk fibers. This is one of the reasons why its products are so expensive, such as the silk dress, scarves, the tie, a white silk blouse or even the silk flower. The production of it takes place on silk farms.

The silkworm, which is actually not a worm but a Bombyxmori caterpillar, lays the eggs. Each female caterpillar is able to lay several hundred eggs every month. The eggs are then placed in an incubator until they are ready to hatch, which is normally between four and six weeks. At this point they are at the pupate stage, which is when the actual fabric is produced. However, even at this point, it is still far from being a silk product that can be manufactured and sold.

There are actually different methods of harvesting it from the cocoons. One of the ways that the pure silk fibers are taken is by placing the cocoons in boiling water. This will allow the ends of the thread to become lose and allow the fabric to be cultivated. If the caterpillar is allowed to emerge from the cocoon on its own, it will ruin the fabric because the silk will be torn and left in much shorter threads. While this is only one method for retrieving the fabric, it is one of the most common methods used in the manufacturing of a silk product.

A lot of time and effort goes into making sure that it is cultivated correctly to make a silk product that is of extremely high quality. This means, for the public, that the products that they purchase are of good quality and of the highest fiber possible. So, the next time a smooth material silk fabric comes to mind, stop and think about all that goes into making these luxurious items.

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Silk Ties Over Time
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