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Spiritual Meaning of Numbers


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How Important Are Numbers?
Numbers, on the surface of daily life, largely go unnoticed or are accepted in a mundane fashion. Numerologists read volumes into the supernatural design of numbers. Metaphysical practitioners find supernatural depth in numbers. From birth, numbers play an infinite role in human existence and play a significant role when clearly recognized.

In the Beginning
Birth begins with the calculation of a complex equation. 9 is the number of gestational months before actual birth. At the moment of birth, chronological time is documented, adding to the numbered month, day and year. Those possessing advanced sensory perception clearly recognize and identify numbers as part of the human equation in existence. To make the equation more complex, each birth is attended by an entire universe in which 9 planets are aligned in a specific planetary configuration. Astrologists rely heavily upon this configuration and exact moment of birth from which to determine their astrological data.

Numbers Are Everywhere
Numbers occur on a daily basis and swirl around in the microcosm of space and time. Mathematicians have yet to arrive at the last possible number in terms of calculations. Numbers begin with 1 and stretch into infinity no human has yet to reach. For example, the number “8" represents the symbol of infinity. With no beginning and no end, “8" is the only number that best fits the description of infinity. In less enlightened times, the number “8", given this symbolism of infinity, also represented repetition, and in the more spiritual vernacular, the meaning became aligned with the divine eternal.

Numbers Used As Code
Numbers have been used in code by the military and deciphered by experts who read numbers as words. While decoding numbers was not a new function of opposing factions, it may well have spawned the computer era where the number 10 plays an integral part in computer programming as the basis for various computer languages.

Numbers and Their Spiritual Meanings
Though out history, humans have tried to elicit from Biblical and other religious-based literary works, the hidden meanings in numbers, even to attempting to calculate the final planetary year of life on earth. There is a clear connection between seeking the last possible number and the inability to grasp the idea of infinity itself. Reading spiritual meanings into numbers as a type of code is the most fundamental method humans use to touch the divine. If the simplicity of an intelligent human brain can crack numerical codes of the divine, they then reach a level of proximity with their perception of the divine and by way of association, infinity itself.

Numbers in Signs and Symbols
Geometrical shapes represent numbers. Highly sensitive humans in earlier ages feared the pentagram because it had 5 sides, an odd number and the appearance of a deliberately misshapen circle. Yet, triangular shapes existed in early Phoenician history as an encumbrance of protection and safety.

God, Man and Numbers
Through out Bible writing, the inspired word of God, numbers are significant. From the Book of Genesis to Deuteronomy, the Bible is replete with references to numbers.

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