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Feather Pen


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Pens are the writing instruments that we cannot do without. The word is derived from a Latin word, ‘penna', which in simple terms refers to a feather. With advance in technology, the pens we know today are a bit different from those that existed ages ago. From the traditional, simple and non-artistic feather pens, we now have a variety of pens that have been born out of this traditional idea. You will find a variety of pens like Quills, metal nibs, Fountain pens, Felt pens, Roller ball pens, ballpoint and many others that we cannot goon listing.

Since the feather pen carries the history of the pens, let us take a look at how it was like. It was used around 500 B. C. Made out dried clean feathers, it was used with some ink that was extracted from herbs. The most commonly feathers that were used were those of the goose, swan and turkey because they were believed to have high capillarity rate and therefore could suck in a lot of ink.

The tip of the feather was sharpened and split into two parts to enhance the flow of the ink. With this idea, the Egyptians curved out some new forms of pens by using sharp sticks. They would apply soot to papyrus using these sticks. The ideas did not die here because the Chinese were also not left behind in the invention. They would use brushes made of camel and mouse fur to do their artwork.

Since old ideas die hard, you will find that today there are many feather pen models that look authentic. We all love to have them and they are especially common among the school-going age children. The pens are cheap, multicolored and are considered great gifts for the Christmas holidays.

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