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Sunil Mittal


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Hailing from Ludhiana, Sunil Bharti Mittal is ranked among top-ten billionaires of the world. Sunil, an alumnus of Harvard Business School, graduated from Punjab University. Starting his first business as seller of cycle parts, Mittal wanted to try his fortune in other ventures also. Now his Bharti Enterprises is progressing in different sectors like communication, real estate sector, financial services, retail, agri business etc. . . Today Bharti Group runs with a market capitalization of nearly $ 2 billion and employing over 5,000 people. Its Bharti airtel is the leader in telecommunication sector.

According to entrepreneurial concepts, Sunil Bharti mittal falls to the business entrepreneur group who strike both production and marketing resources to run his business. He is a non-technical entrepreneur who is not concerned with technical aspects of products in which he deal. He is a first-generation entrepreneur who started his venture by selling cycle parts. He was not from an entrepreneurial background, being a son of politician. He is also a super-growth entrepreneur, who had shown enormous of performance in his venture. He is now a top contender for Reliance group and the Tata's.

He possessed several entrepreneurial characters and qualities which helped him to reach these heights. He had the visionary and determination to become such a prominent business figure. He left Ludhiana, since he thought moving to metros like Bombay could fetch him good opportunities to shine in business. He had flexibility and adaptability in business which molded him into successful entrepreneur. In 1982, Mittal was at his peak making profits out of selling portable generators imported from Japan. To his dismay, government posed ban on importing generators at that time, since local manufacturers would get affected. Soon, Mittal came out with another idea of selling ‘push button phone’ in India which outdated bulky phones which were already in use. In this way Bharti Telecom Limited was incorporated with the tie-up of Siemens, Germany.

He is the person who takes initiative and uses the opportunity to optimal level. He was the first mover in telecommunication sector India. When Indian government licensed mobile phone services in 1992, Mittal formed the Bharti Cellular Limited in collaboration with Vivendi, a French based telecom company to offer cellular services under brand name ‘Airtel’. Airtel was the first company to have reached a mammoth figure of 2 million plus customers. Sunil Mittal is the person who can analyze the trends and is capable of measuring the right stuff according to the trend. He brought down the STD/ISD cellular rates under brand name ‘Indiaone’. Sunil Bharti Mittal has the leadership quality and dynamism which is proved at many instances. He could keep up the hopes of investors at times when economic crisis took place and times when telecommunications sector was facing its downhill.

Moreover Mittal is a competent negotiator and this quality helped him in expanding his business. Now Bharti enterprises have tied-up with AXA group of France to form Bharti AXA group, joined with Del Monte to form Bharti Del Monte. It has formed another joint- venture with Wal-Mart to form Bharti Retail. It has tie-ups with Vodafone, Warburg Pincus, and British Telecom also. Sunil Mittal is good at calculated risk taking. He had lot of guts to outsource networks and IT infrastructure, which no telecom company has done before. Mittal never underestimates his enterprise. This is proved when Bharti Group rejected the deal, they suppose have with South-African telecom giant MTN, since Mittal felt the deal will make them a subsidiary of MTN.

No entrepreneur can always succeed without innovation. In the same way Sunil Bharti Mittal is also innovative to keep the lead over his competitors. He found that in a country like India cellular phone services sector can hit the bull when it is given in lower price. He wanted to develop a billon-customer base with providing cellular services prices at lower prices. So he developed an innovative business model in which outsourcing was given more importance and chosen IBM as its outsourcing partner. He chose IBM though it wasn't an Indian enterprise, because he never wanted to compromise with the quality of service. He also chose Nokia and Ericsson to be its network partner. He also made an undersea cable link project connecting Chennai and Singapore with entering into a joint venture with Singapore Telecom International. In this way Bharti group was able to provide cellular services for its customers at lower rates. Mittal also launched the Bharti Airtel's Digital TV. He wanted to have a competitive edge over existing competitiors Reliance Big TV, Tata Sky, Dish TV etc. . . So he partnered with Narayanamurthy's Infosys Technologies to deliver Next-Gen interactivity on its DTH service.

In his life Mittal had tasted success in all ventures which he undertook. Mittal was chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world for the year 2000. His Bharti Airtel is still the number one telecom company which transformed telecom sector with its world class services. Bharti enterprises is engaging in various sector like communication, retail, real-estates, financial services, entertainment, etc. . . Now Bharti Entreprises is the one of the leading business group. Today, Bharti with its subscriber base of over 21 million constitute 28% of the total subscriber base of India.

With the vision of making Bharti group as the premium Indian conglomerate and expanding their business over the globe, Mittal is heading further. Bharti group is a rising sun in retail sector, after having tie-up with the retail giant Wal-Mart, which is the largest company in fortune 500 listing. He wants to enter African and South Asian markets to build a global empire. Though affected by loss of rupee's strength against dollar, competition posed by international players and feeling the pinch of global financial crisis, Mittal still show good progress in his ventures. Mittal has developed different strategies to cope with the competition; he is going to face with the arrival of more international players to India markets in telecom industry. Thus Sunil Bharti Mittal will be a successful entrepreneur in future and his Bharti group is going to be the one of the top business houses of the world.


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