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Examination Phobia


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Examinations are a source of inspiration. It is the time for demonstration of abilities of students as well as the teachers. There are two types of functions which the examination serve. Firstly, a goal is fixed up for which students and teachers put in all their efforts to achieve. And secondly, an assessment on the capability and progress of children is seen by the parents in particular and the society in general. As such, examinations are necessary at periodic intervals so as to take corrective actions for any failures.

In the examinations, students show their feelings, ideas and wisdom in the form of written answers. Gainers or toppers are those who are able to express themselves correctly in a powerful expression. Students always try to gain power of expression through continuous practice and writing. This significant aspect of personality is automatically developed in the present system of examination. Sometimes, lengthy answers are required to explain the required things against specific questions. However, at times students try to cram up the lengthy answers without really understanding the basics and then do mistakes in writing or recollecting the answers. This does not increase the intelligent understanding of the subject matter. As such, there is need to examine the two aspects of teaching and mode of examination.

All people take pains and make efforts to send their children to best schools and colleges so that, the children get best education. The teachers also try to do justice to the cause of parents and teach the students throughout the year, they take it as a responsibility not only towards the parents but to the society. Then it is expected from students also that they study hard and show good results. So it is possible through examinations only to judge where our children have reached in the education system. The importance of examinations is undoubtedly unchallenged. However, some parents want these examinations to be abolished. They feel that it encourages students to do copying and all types of cheating to score the best or in some cases the minimum required pass marks. But there are more parents who feel it as an essential part of an education system.

Many students think that they have to pass the examination just to get promoted to the higher class. They try to follow cheap notes or “Guess tests" etc. available in the market. Such students do not have any liking for learning and they are not interested in gaining and enhancing their knowledge. As such, it seems that examinations cannot measure the claim of success in education system. Language and expression play the most vital role in any type of examination. Whether it is the paper of History, Science or Civics, the complete understanding and knowledge of that subject is not tested through the present mode of examination. A student having more knowledge and understanding of the subject may not be able to express himself fully due to his slow writing. He would never be on the top list of scholars. Further, the question papers do not cover the complete course. The questions are selected at random, therefore, a student can get more marks than the other who happens to learn only those few topics while preparing for the examinations. So it can be the matter of luck or chance than ability to succeed with higher marks in an examination.

In spite of various demerits of the system of examinations, it is the students who have to give due thought and use their own intelligence while preparing for, as well as appearing in the examinations. They have to keep in mind that during limited period of papers in examinations only selected material can be tested by the examiners. The students have to point of view of subject matter and those particular questions. Thus examinations help the students to develop the power of analyzing, the power of thinking, reasoning and to make the right and correct decisions based on their judgements. They have to do all the preparations in advance. The students have to search the material in various books. The material is to be arranged in a systematic manner. The relevant and irrelevant part of the material can be separated out by them. Thus the students learn to know the importance of advance planning and avoid irrelevant topics which are not necessary for success in their life.

In view of above all, it is felt that examinations need reforms from the certain evils connected with present system. Knowledge gained by cramming and tested by theoretical examinations is unsound and superficial. A scientific shape is required to be given to the system of examination. The objective type of test papers being introduced in some of the examinations are the right steps in this direction. In this way, most of the course material is covered and tested. It tests the basic understanding of the students about a specific subject and real progress of students is judged and measured.

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