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Are We Taught Enough?


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When growing up you are taught to learn. Then apply that knowledge to succeed in what ever activity. This process fulfills our lives with intelligent, careers, money, love, friendship, and pride. Schools in American have some of the best teachers and learning tools of the World. Individuals come from all over the globe to get a education in American. Then take what they have learned and implement the education in their country.

Americas education may be one of the best, but are we taught all that we need to know. Do we get out of high school, or even college ready for the road ahead. What do we learn? Math, Science, History, Literature, English. The basics right. All of those subjects will help you in life at one time or another. What is it that you really need to know to be successful in life?

Investments, Insurance, Real Estate, Retirement, Health Care, Opportunity, Taxes, Legal Rights. These are things that people need to know to make the right decisions to progress into successful wealthy individuals. Yes you may be thinking that there are professionals that you can contact for help. Think if we all were taught these areas at a younger age. What would that make the world like? Would younger individuals have a advantage of knowing what they want as a career before graduating College. Just think 80% of students DO NOT succeed in a career from college. We are told to go to college but most of the time don't know exactly what for. I believe that one of the reasons is because of “lack of knowledge about reality".

Reality is that life is hard. Building wealth takes time and work. Failure is learning, and success is Greatness. The Question that I have is:
If younger individuals were taught more about reality would it help more to succeed?

Shane Kiefer Mentor and Teacher of Home Based Business. Pro In Cash Gifting.



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