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Shaving Armpits - The History Behind Shaving Armpits


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Have you ever questioned the history behind shaving armpits? It begs the question, “how on earth would one even find such information?" It is such a personal and mundane practice in which many do not even give a thought deeper than the tedious task itself. Someone with a much keener eye for detail, than most, picked up on clues over time that suggests the when, where, and why of shaving armpits.

It is believed that women shaved their armpits all the way back to the days of the ancient Babylonians, a civilization that existed before the birth of Christ. More specifically, a collection of love poems written by Publius Ovidius Naso dating back to 1 B. C. , exhibits the longing desire of shaved armpits as well as shaved legs as a *** attraction.

More recently, in the early 1900's a study of photographs taken of nude prostitutes clearly proves that shaving armpits was at least one innocent activity going on in the wild west. Apparently, it was to display the cleanliness of the prostitutes more so than the appearance.

Whether our ancestors started shaving armpits in the Babylonian times or in the early 1900's, I think we can all agree on a couple of things. First, if you ever wondered what it was like to live like all of the great ancestors before us, you probably would have never thought of them shaving their armpits before reading this article. And second, as repetitive and sometimes frustrating the task of shaving armpits can be, it sure takes up a lot of space in the history books!

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