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Spanish language courses introduce you to the Spanish language and help you to learn the words and phrases quickly and correctly. The language you learn in these classes will help you when you want to travel to a Spanish speaking destination so that you can order your meals, find your way around and ask for directions. A typical course is made up of short lessons, each one focusing on a particular objective. The objective of each lesson is a summary of what the instructor expects you to be able to do at the end of the lesson.

A beginner's course in Spanish might start off with the following objective: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to introduce themselves in Spanish and know the members of the family. With such an objective in mind the instructor will present you with words that have to do with greetings and you will learn the difference in greeting an old friend and a stranger. For example, if you are talking to a friend you use the word “tu" to mean you, while with a stranger you would use the word “usted" to mean you.

You will also learn the names of the members of the family: mother – mama, father – papa, brother – hermano, sister – hermana. A man is addressed as Senor, a married woman is Senora and an unmarried woman is Senorita. Through repetitions in class following the instructor, you learn the proper way to say these words and how to write them with the accent marks. Then you have time to engage in conversations with your classmates based on what you learn in the lesson.

This example of a lesson in Spanish would be very suitable for a child and would be as much as you would accomplish at one time. Although adults would learn the same thing, the lesson would be more intensive and more structures would be added. The result would be the same in that at the end of your very first lesson, you would be able to speak some Spanish words.

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