Y-Series – A Review Of The Questions


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Y-Series – A review of the questions

Observation of the surroundings and investigative thoughts about a great number of the mysterious questions starts to develop since childhood: it’s a natural gift of qualities of a sound human brain. Born with an intellectual demarcation among various phenomena, a human being reacts to the environment with a suitable response. This response is, actually, due to a refined sum-up of the answers to his Y-questions which somehow he instituted naturally or piled up as he grew up and widened his brain. Sometimes he criticises by “skinning the hair off” and sometimes his analyses positively which leads him to a harmonious life system.

Why – in short Y – series is a complex and summits our daily question. The minute queries which we observe in our work place, home, office, meeting with different people, social and cultural, mechanical or intellectual case… Y-series would present an extension of the ideas and brain shattering concepts. Some of the basic information is already available but the point is we have not touched although we know they exist. Handling such matters for example why science fails to explain certain phenomenon, why we pray to one God (Allah), What can make the things better, how we can bring happiness back, when is the time to hold up the rope and climb the mountain of obstacles, etc. Obstacles coming in the way of one’s success matters only attention and solutions. When the limits of the case seemingly ends and a human being start to become “devastated or disappointed” Y-services would be a good alternate to jingle the keys unlocking the closed doors: those which brighten the person and lead him out of distressing situations.

Outstanding as well as the common people from any part of our beautiful world face the same case sometimes but with different angles and view points. They endeavour to tackle it according to their resources and immediate environmental suitability available at that time. Some times they use their own experiences to get to the bottom of Y-question or occasionally they take the example of the personnel who had already experienced that situation and follow the results. Interpretation of those results could be altered because the person, who wrote at that time, can be in somehow different situations than current status of the daring a specific situation.

Least but not the last, time to time addition in the Y-world excuses in advance for any kind of offence or misapprehension of any spiritual, logical or religious viewpoints. What time demands is to friendly reconsideration over the fact that there is much room above the top: other words to say that trying to understand in a tone what the author wants to convey is far better than a sudden criticism biased on one’s personal views.

Mr. MALIK graduated with distinction from the University of Punjab (Pakistan) in 2001. For further education he went to Germany and secured M. Sc. thesis from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) in 2003. Now he is striving for his Ph. D.in Physics. His interests are Microelectronic Device Fabrication. Organic semiconductors, Diffusion barrier layers. Inorganic Coatings, Plasma CVD.

To know different cultures, learn other languages, discuss closely related religions, life styles and hobbies are some of the extra curricular activities which are a significant part of his life.



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