The Question Of Upbringing - Do Children Need The Same Attention As Animals?


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The first thought that comes up in a human mind is that it is impossible and even immoral to compare a child and a dog! And there may be no doubts about the fact that these two living being are not comparable neither by their value, nor by any of their characteristics. At the same time, there is a clear possibility to compare methods of raising each of them.

Regardless of how weird it sounds, there are a lot of similarities in the process of upbringing a child, and raising a dog. When each of these creatures are in their baby ages – a human, who is responsible for them (whether a parent or an owner, if one is speaking about a dog), has to feed them, to change diapers, or to clean excrements. There is also a necessity to teach both a child and a dog that there are special defined places for doing such things. Parents have to go for walks with little children, in order for children to receive solar light and grow up well, in order for them to breathe fresh air, and get acquainted with the nature around them. The same actions are to be performed by an owner of a dog – there is a necessity walk with a dog, as it is essential for both its development and happiness. There is a necessity to play with children, as it makes them and their parents happy. Similar situation might be observed, when looking at a dog and its owner.

Children, as well as dogs, and vice versa need to be taught different things. However this is a part, where essential difference begins. There is a similarity in the fact that adults, or owners of a pet, who are both in the role of supervisors, have to bring up a child or a dog. At the same time, the tasks, which stand in front of them, are totally different, and their importance also significantly differs. By raising a dog, one usually means, feeding it properly, playing with it, teaching it different tricks, sometimes one also means preparing them for different dog contests and so on. It is hard to deny that training a dog is important. However, it is absolutely incomparable with importance of child upbringing.

Dogs usually stay under supervision and care of their owners for their whole lives, while children get to live alone in a cruel world of competition, where there is a fierce necessity to survive. It is obvious that nowadays parents do not teach their children every single thing – most of their knowledge children receive from school teachers. At the same time it is essentially important for parents to remember, that even though they are usually not the primary source of child’s technical knowledge, the future of their children is still significantly depends on them: on how well do they treat their child, how well do they understand their needs and desires, how well do they explain what is this world about, how well do they teach them responsibility and respect for themselves and others, how are they ready to help their child in any situation that may arise, how solid are they in their intention to stand for their children and be persistent in an effort to provide them with all necessary assets (of which the most essential ones are not material).

It is very sad, that nowadays frequently children get little attention from their parents. For some reason it has become a common practice to spend most of the time of human life at work, making money, instead of spending this time with the family and children. Unfortunately nowadays people rarely think about the fact that our children need our attention significantly more than our money and what is even more important – there is no money in this world, which could substitute to us happiness of being a parent, satisfaction from being around our families and beloved ones.

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