The Theory of Evolutionary Psychology


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One of the most attractive questions in evolution of psychology have been ones connected with relationships between men and women and human sexuality. Original desire of all humans to pass their genes to the next generations is a principal motivation that moves humans in their deeds. This is a perspective from which relationships between genders, natural desires and conduct directed to satisfy basic desires have to be examined.

We can understand situations from our lives after examination of works on psychology. For example when we choose a partner we proceed form what our genes are like. Men are looking for a partner who will pass genes to the next generations so they choose attractive, sexual, healthy women. While women are looking for strong partners – females don’t have much power so that is the quality they are trying to find in men. People’s fears can be explains from the same prospective – males’ fears are about their partner having other connections and females fear that they won’t have mutual feelings and that might lead to divorce.

It has to be admitted that this theory fails in explanation of the evolution of thinking of a man. It explains what moves a person in choosing a partner but it has gotten old because there were many changes in our society and people have changed too. Evolutionary psychology provides an explanation of such aspects as influence of smell, visual and mind image but it is difficult to predict with a certain degree of verifiability how will human’s behavior change like. The work of brain has to be taken into consideration to make this theory more objective.

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