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Cognitive Psychology


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This story and the 5 questions at the end represent an example of some text and curriculum that can be found in a Cognitive Restructuring Manualized Workbook.

The Millers and Johnsons resided in the same rural county and went to the same public schools. They saw each other frequently. Scott Miller was Jasons age and once saved him in 6th grade when a group of older boys were giving him a beating.

Bloodied and semi-conscious, Jason awoke to Scotts younger sister, Jenny, as she was crying and cleaning the blood from his face, his head in her lap. He was disappointed to see his teacher arrive as he had a secret deep crush on this angel with deep brown eyes.

As soon as Jason finished serving detention he moved to another state to work for his uncle in the construction business and lost contact with Jenny. Soon he was out on his own. He bought old homes and then cleaned them up to resell. At 23, he went back to the place of his birth and discovered that the majority of his family were living in despair.

Though he endured numerous negative consequences of his childhood abuse, he had liberated himself from the chains of his past. With new understanding, he was able to forgive his mother and his father (who he barely knew). Even the way he viewed others changed. He found freedom, a deeper freedom than he imagined. The world he stumbled upon sprang up from this new understanding and there lay his fate a life of struggle, but a life of giving and receiving love.

With his change of heart and increased self-esteem, he mustered the strength to knock on Jennys front door. Jenny was home from college for Christmas vacation. Before he was arrested and sent to detention, he was a regular visitor to the Miller home. He had once saved Scotts life when he had almost drowned in a nearby swimming hole.

Jason hadn't seen Jenny for 6 years and he was not prepared for the beautiful creature who answered the door. In the beginning she did not even recognize him as he stuttered and tried to get a few words out. But, before long the words came out, Jenny. Its me, Jason. Crying out and catching Jason off guard, Jenny embraced her long lost friend.

As time went by, with his frequent visits to Jennys college, their deep friendship blossomed into a deep love. In July they were married, committing to each other their lifelong love and loyalty. Their life together became synergistic, greater than what they could've become alone.

1. The most joy or anguish in life comes from our relationships with others T or F?

2. The true feelings you feel towards someone are projected as they are and not as you try to make them. Regardless of how vigorously you try to convince someone you love them it wont work unless you truly do love them. T or F?

3. Empathetic and genuinely kind people have magnetic personalities. Who do you know like this? Explain: _

4. Resistant, in-the-box individuals are users who often treat others as objects. Do you know someone like this? Explain: _

5. Answer T for true or F for false.

_ Living a bitter life is living an empty life.

_ Closed eyes stagger in the dark.

_ Warring hearts become faint.

_ Resistant people gladly accept the truth.

_ You can discover what you desire most in others.

_ Those who are resistant end up in the pits dug for other people.

_ The more you for yourself, the more joy you'll find.

_ When you validate someone, you are accepting them without attempting to change them.

Decades ago, Larry Lloyd founded the American Community Corrections Institute . ACCI sponsors a blog about criminal behavior and related topics.


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