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In education area sociology plays vital role as teachers and students counterparts lead to the level of success in education. So the contribution that sociology has to make to the practical activity of educating teachers will be considered in this discussion, as the steering point. What we have today are disjointed courses dealing with the burning issues of the day, and a concern with problems that teachers may be able to solve even without undergoing a comprehensive teacher education.

While designing teacher education programmes, it is necessary to develop a sociology of education which will be of value to the teachers both in and out of the classroom. This is because a teacher who is well taught in sociological aspects of education has a wider perspective, perception and consideration of the issues of culture that affect his or her work. Teachers are instrumental in this reproduction process. Since many teachers base their judgments of students on their students social class, they therefore perpetuate inequality. Teachers own social class origins affect their perceptions and treatment of students.

When a teacher tries to understand the relationship between social class and education achievements, he ought to combine psychological and sociological perspectives regarding his perception of issues, in order to be able to make a well-guided inference about his learners. Our teacher education programmes should enable teachers to reflectively have a background that sufficiently exploits cultural differences of learners, and their implications on the teaching learning process. With availed equal opportunities at the school level, the student should be made by reflective teachers in order for students to understand that he stands equal opportunities whit those from well to do families.

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