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So what would happen if water becomes wholly solid? That first thing that comes to my mind is that as dense solid water will no longer be as important for life it is now as a liquid. The way we are accustomed to look at life, apparently, it can not be imagined without water as a liquid. But it is not really like that. The essential molecules of life like RNA, DNA, enzymes, amino acids or proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins etc are all organic molecules and one can discover or even synthesize an organic solvent for all these essential molecules and in that case there can be another form of life based on that solvent.

The living being based on such a fluid will behave quite differently as compared to those based on water. They may be light, slim and trim and short tempered in case the fluid is volatile and capable of dissolving less amount of essential nutrients. They may be quite different as compared to what I have just described.

But some definite interesting situations can easily be visualized like – there will be no rains of water, no rainbow either. Nobody will be able to drink water then? Planes of water may be then deserts or even one can locate hills of water. Who knows water may then be used as material for constructing house.

Fictitious scenario apart, let me suggest something really serious. We should initiate a large scale project for setting such life based on an alternative liquid at least in laboratories. The reason is even is water may not become dense like solid, but there may be a severe scarcity of water and other natural resources on this planet in future, if one goes by present practice of recklessly exploit natural resources including water. In such a scenario, the beautiful Earth may not be a place to sustain life and we all may have to migrate to another planet if only to save life.

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