Group Discussions - How Do They Improve Your Grades


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How does group discussions help in improving your grades?

To understand concepts: 'As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another’. Proverbs 27:17

With group discussion the students can develop their skills and understandings which involving reasoning and problem-solving. They can understand concepts better. Group discussions are more effective environments for exploring, and possibly shaping, the values and attitudes of students.

To understand concepts better the students need to think and group discussions pave the way for students to think. If students are expected to learn to evaluate evidence and data, analyze or think critically, then the importance of participation in these discussions is a must.

To clear doubts:

With the group discussions there are various chances to clear doubts and uncertainties. It provides an in-depth view which is not attainable from individual questioning. They can clarify what they do not understand in a non-judgmental environment.

Apart from clearing doubts, unexpected ideas and new perspectives can be explored. And by easily building on each other's ideas and comments the students are able to synthesize several sources of information.

If there's something that that the student does not understand or if he/she does not already have a rehearsed answer, then it's recommended to use these opportunities to gain understanding or solve problems.

To verify if you are on the right track:

Students learn the most when they can take an active part in learning instead of being passive recipients of information. Life can be monotonous and boring if the students have to only listen to teaching and there are chances of them assuming things by their self.

Thus participating in the discussions would help them reveal if they are in the right track and what they have assumed is correct and exact. In addition, they can gain the others ‘in-sight’ on a particular topic which reflects their thought pattern. These insights would help the students have a better view of the suggested topic.

Exchange information:

All students inclusive of the ones, who are shy, get a chance to participate and exchange information in desirable ways. Group discussions enable one to draw on the ideas.

Students may work together on improving sentences and may brainstorm together on the development of facts and information. They can have meaningful discussions and exchange facts about how they fit what they are learning into their construct of the world.

Engaging in a two-way exchange lets them explore ideas rather than just answer questions. They provide an atmosphere for students to create view from different perspectives, improve their communication, expression skills and collaborative skills.

Being in the group is an enjoyable experience.

Group discussion gives you the experience of working in a team. It's easy to plan questions that automatically include everyone because the students are less intimidated as they are not answering as an individual, but as a group.

It can be especially valuable as it provides an excellent means to help students develop a working rapport. Working in a group has got a lot of advantages. It helps the students to build an effective team.

Each individual can practice the planning and monitoring skills they need, to become good individual problem solvers. Moreover, it is one of those effective methods where the leadership quality [which is very essential for students] can easily be developed.

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