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The Mysterious World Of Plants


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When we walk through a forest, a park, or just a garden, we admire the beauty of the trees and plants, but we do not realize how little we really know about them.

Plants supply us with oxygen, which they emit abundantly and clear the air of carbon dioxide, which they absorb through their leaves and turn into food. It is for this reason that the growth of a forest is more profuse after a bushfire, because of its ample supply of carbon dioxide, which the fire left behind. Its emissions of oxygen are quite noticeable, when we breathe in the fresh air of the Park or Forest. Plants, like our vegetables, are rich in vitamins and minerals, maintaining human and animal health, and have great healing powers in the form of herbs. Chinese herbs, for instance, are famous for their potential as healing agents and medicines. Even tea and coffee comes from plants.

Plants also use most of our waste to their advantage. That is why we feed them compost, which the plants convert into food for themselves, becoming lusher and healthier as a result.

Perhaps we already know all this, but there is another side to plants, which is virtually still unknown, namely that plants, in a primitive sort of way, also think. Plants do not have a brain; but they do, like ourselves, have a spirit body, which is like our subconscious mind, with which a simple form of thinking is possible. This can never be proven, but becomes very real and believable when we reason about the function of a plant.

For instance, how it draws its water and nourishment from the soil and directs it into its branches and leaves; How it finds its food, when it discovers an opening in our sewers and they get blocked through the presence of trees roots; how it knows the seasons of the year, i. e. When to blossom, when to bear fruit and when to shed its leaves. All this not an accident, but presupposes a degree of awareness! There simply is no other explanation.

Plants have a sophisticated sex life. There are male and female plants and the bees and other insects propagate their species by carrying the pollen of their blossoms from one to another, thus ensuring their fertility. Birds, who eat part or all of their fruit, ensure the reproduction of each plant through the elimination of their seeds.

Plants also respond to the soothing rhythms of music. A plant grows better, and bears lusher and larger fruit when exposed to music, than those without it. This has actually been verified or proven under actual research conditions.

Does this make us think of the presence of some primitive form of emotion? We do not know. But we do know of the beneficial, therapeutical properties of plants and it is not going to far to assume that science will prove some day that the presence of trees and other plants is a vital part of our ecology and absolutely essential to human and animal life on earth.


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