Acupuncture Relies on Ancient Oriental Practices

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The practice of acupuncture is based on ancient Oriental practices that have stood the test of time. If acupuncture is what you are interested in, there are several great Chinese medicine schools and acupuncture schools to choose from in the U. S. and Canada that will teach you what you want to know. With a little research, you are sure to find the perfect school that matches your interests and temperament.

Careers in acupuncture can be innovative and challenging; but even better, they are interesting. And the best part is skilled acupuncturists help people. Oriental medicines are known for their unique and ancient wisdoms, their powers, and their purpose of exploring of the mind, the body, and the spirit - self knowledge and awareness are central to acupuncture and other disciplines of Chinese medicine.

Once enrolled in your choice of acupuncture schools, you will study the purposes and techniques of acupuncture, to be sure, but you will also be exposed to other Oriental healing methods. These may include herbal medicine, acupressure, reflexology, various types of massage therapy, Tui Na, Qigong, and probably a lot more.

Courses in acupuncture can include a wide range of subjects. Acupuncture schools will likely introduce you to Chinese medical culture and philosophy and concepts in diagnosis. You'll also gain knowledge of Western subjects of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and most likely some courses in nutrition.

Programs of study in acupuncture will conclude with a clinical internship, where you will practice the healing art of acupuncture under the direct supervision of a practicing professional. Beyond teaching you the art of healing with acupuncture, a natural healing school may also mentor you by extending the learning process into actual practice in a clinic.

If you are really into acupuncture, you might decide to extend your studies and earn a masters degree. Graduate programs in acupuncture are often combined with studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that will provide you with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and experience. Graduate degree programs can cover as much in-depth study and as many subjects as you wish to pursue. Your studies may lead you to an interest in one of the other, more advanced forms of natural healing, such as chiropractic, for instance.

Undergraduate degree programs in acupuncture can take between three and four years to complete; graduate degrees will take another year or two of study. Once you graduate, you may choose professional certification. Graduates of acupuncture schools are qualified for the certification exams that are administered by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

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Acupuncture Schools Teach Ancient Healing Art
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