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The experience you gave gained in life - it pays. It pays rich dividends as you live your days in the world. Experience is the supreme teacher. It teaches you everything either in time or as time passes. Sometimes, however, and this is most true in relationships, you learn when it is too late. Speaking from personal experience, believe me!

When you do something, when you think something, when you do or not do anything at all - experience is there - you are living breathing means you are experiencing. When you are at your workplace, doing what you know, you are gaining valuable experience every passing second - experience which makes you smarter and more efficient than others at the same type of job.

You can not escape experience. And what you have gained in terms of experience can not be lost now - you have gained it permanently - no amount of qualification may surpass that experience which you gained - save for one - more experience than yours.

When you possess such a vast experience of years in your field, why not showcase it? Go for a life experience degree - there are universities offering fully online life experience degrees such as Almeda. And these universities along with their degrees are fully accredited and recognized by the businesses.

The fee structure is very reasonable, the lowest I ever heard of, and the customer care is A1. Independent surveys conducted by many reputable web sites such as ePublicEye second this notion where the customers rated Almeda high in terms of satisfaction and customer care.

People call them diploma mills, people call them degree mills, but actually these universities are real gems trying to bridge the great divide between the educated and the employed.


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Life! I Rather Do Not Want It If I Do Not Seriously Experience It!
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