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Some private schools do have the uniform dress code for its pupils but students all over the world do not welcome the idea of uniforms. They think that wearing uniform means restricting a personal expression. However, the researchers point out that uniforms are more child-friendly and assist the healthy development of self-esteem and talents. Schools uniform creates uniformity and that is the very purpose of their inclusion. Opponents of school uniform policy feel that school uniforms force large-sized children to wear clothes that are unflattering, difficult to obtain, and harmful to their self- esteem and that school uniforms violate freedom of expression right. These arguments are completely baseless. Large sized students do not suffer from wearing uniforms but due to their weight, which I personally believe, is something that uniforms can adequately mask because everyone appears to look the same when following a dress code. Besides, the freedom of expression is further bolstered with the help of dress code policy because one can focus on his talents and skills without becoming self-conscious because of clothes.

Reasons, Grounds and warrantThe reason why school uniform is a better option is because it doesn’t make students too materialistic too early in life. The quest for wearing your personality and hunt for the latest, trendy and not to mention expensive outfits to schools has been a cause of concern for parents. New and trendy clothes get a lot of the budget of parents and students spend a lot of time and concentration on their wardrobe then single-mindedly pursuing studies. They all want trendy sneaker, chic shirts, hip jeans and stylish dresses. The focus to uniform issue came in the limelight when the State of California adopted legislation paving for mandatory school uniforms. Massachusetts former Governor William Weld told a gathering of students and faculty at the Robert L. Ford Elementary School in Lynn. ’ Whether students are in first grade or eighth grade, they are all in school for the same reason - to learn. And too often clothes distract kids from this goal.

The whole issue of enforcing uniforms got a jolt when Supreme Court passed its verdict in 1996 and proclaimed the First Amendment protects the right to individual dress. In some cases where schools adopted uniform, they had to face lawsuits by parent with the support of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The stance in many cases has been challenged when school authorities were able to prove that uniforms can help, in resolving many classroom issues, improve discipline and discourage violence.

Optional school uniform policy has been a failure thus it should be made mandatory. In many cases schools adopted the policy of giving students the options of uniform. This practice never worked out for most schools as in the beginning a number of students started wearing uniforms but with the passage of time the number of students wearing uniforms started decreasing. Students who did not wear uniforms openly poked fun at those few who were wearing uniforms because of which this voluntary uniform policy failed. Even courts in many cases have passed the verdict that a compulsory uniform policy is better than the option policy.

President Clinton had been a supporter of uniforms when he was in office. He even spoke publicly in favor of uniforms as to how they can help students and schools. California district also released figures and percentages indicating decrease in on-campus crime, sex robbery and weapons possession.

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