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In our modern age, where technology has driven up almost everything to the speed of light, one has no choice than to move on, adjust, improve and try to meet the set standard. The set standard is to be fast, maybe as fast as the speed of light in whatever we do – in thought, in action, in everything!

We are all in a hurry to get thing done, to do it and get it over with. There are some things we cannot do hurriedly and expect good results. This is just an oversight. Speed-reading actually exists. You can drastically increase your rate of reading by the simple tips I will give you in a short while. Of course I don't have to go ahead highlighting the benefits and rewards associated with speed-reading.

Teaching yourself speed-reading can be one of the most valuable investments you could consider spending your time and money on. We tested these tips with some college haps and had success with it. Depending on your personality, we concluded you could teach yourself speed-reading with these tips

Determine what you're reading exactly and for what purpose. Are you just reading a newspaper article or a specialized journal, a self-help book or you're extensively preparing for an exam. Understand what it is and what level of speed-reading you'll require for its absolute comprehension. Comprehension levels vary from persons. To improve this - learn to concentrate highly on your given material

Deal immediately with all forms of distractions – distraction can take any form, whether its music or a crowded environment, you'll be doing yourself a lot of good if your concentration rate is 99% and above. Immerse yourself onto the session.

Start to time your current reading speed – you'll need to know where you are today in order for you to decide where you want to be tomorrow. I've noticed that there exists a sense of urgency when time is associated with any endeavor.

Get a stopwatch and time your current reading rate. This will enable you track your improvements through subsequent timings. Its time to know your average speed-reading rate and how well you comprehend exactly what you read. You can help yourself by logging onto www.readingsoft.com/quiz.html or run a goggle search on “reading speed test" or other related keywords to know where you belong to and how well to improve.

Depending on the type of literature, you're reading, pre-reading may be essential. In fact, most experts give this point a high level of importance. It is necessary because no matter what you're reading, there are “add ups" that makes up the content. These are not the most important facts. Skimming in this way will allow you to know where the main points are located so you can concentrate and emphasize on them while doing the proper reading.

Frequent starts and stops are noticeable traits from slow readers. They tend to re-read words that they are unfamiliar with or they cannot comprehend. This may be OK to some extent if high comprehension is the motif. Otherwise, when it becomes a habit, you cannot beat speed-reading. The technique here is to ensure you mask words as you read so you forget the tendency to go back. Common materials for masking are sheet of paper and the index card.

Also, make sue that you get a separate book for vocabulary development. Write new words and their meaning so you have compilation of new words added to your vocabulary. Trust, this method works effectively. The reason being that you will be more familiar with words as much as not going back to re-read to grasp its meaning. Other times, you re-read for lack of concentration, like we agreed before, please give it all 100% concentration otherwise; it really does not worth the effort.

Remember, comprehension is central to speed-reading. Also, you'll want to know for how long you wish to retain the information you're gathering. Is it going to be for lifetime, or you're reading to pass an exam or just for fun – knowing the period you wish to retain the information will determine your speed rate.

Get familiarized with the words by skimming, you'll need to read the introduction, the summary, the subheadings, the conclusion, and the review. These all will give you an overall basic understanding of what it entails. Follow through on the material on the first time think along with the author.

Make sure you stop at sessions to recall exactly what you have read. That's it on teach yourself speed-reading. These are just an eye opener, for the best-kept secret on increasing speed-reading fast, visit http://srtips.blogspot.com now!

Achi has been helping young chaps world over get into the practice of effective speed-reading For more on the best-kept secret on increasing speed-reading fast, visit –http://srtips.blogspot.com now!


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