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According to the human brain, “Slowly ascended from lower life forms to what we are today, by a process of natural selection from randomly occurring changes. Each change had to prove its worth by surviving the continual battle for existence, being against being, species against species and this process has gone on for many millions of years. ” [1]

This site maintains that the brain as we currently observe it is, at it’s core, a reptile brain. This central brain is enveloped by mammalian brain matter and finally by the only thing that apparently separates us from other mammals, the neocortex. indicates, “To a considerable extent it is our neocortex which enables us to behave like human beings. ” [1]

If this is true then I should be grateful that my family lineage is filled with genetic bullies who fought to push lesser species down the proverbial food chain so I could live to ponder the origins of mankind.

Brain Anatomy

  • Brainstem – Provides neurological functions for breathing, heart function, blood pressure and digestion

  • Cerebellum – Is essential for coordination of movement

  • Frontal Lobe – Allows reasoning, problem solving and higher forms of cognitive function

  • Optical Lobe – Control visual input

  • Parietal Lobe – Controls many of the human senses

  • Temporal Lobe – Affects visual and verbal memory

    Every part of our body is tied to the brain. Our brain provides commands and our bodies obey. The brain can provide the stimuli for maintaining alertness. The human brain also provides a unique separation from all other living creature. Humans can take in data, process it and make a decision about what we’ve heard, read or seen.

    While most of the animal kingdom operates by instinct we can think rationally and respond in a humane way. Unlike the ‘species against species’ concept mentioned at the beginning of this article mankind has the ability to make determinations about a proper response and chose to respond in kindness when it would be much more instinctive to lash out in our ‘battle for existence’.

    Did you know the human brain contains, “Over 100 billion cells, each with over 50,000 neuron connections to other brain cells”? [2]

    Other Brain Facts

  • When you were born, your brain weighed about 350-400g and you had almost all the brain cells you will ever have.

  • The number of internal thought pathways that your brain is capable of producing is: one followed by 10.5 million kilometers of standard typewritten zero's!

  • Your brain is capable of having more ideas than the number of atoms in the known universe!

  • Information travels at different speeds within different types of neurons. Transmission can be as slow as 0.5 meters/sec or as fast as 120 meters/sec. Traveling at 120 meters/sec is the same as going 268 miles/hour. [3]

    The human brain is the only brain that supplies it’s owner with the ability to reason. Doesn’t it seem logical that the human brain is for too complex to be the result of random chance and natural selection? Or is it more reasonable to believe we have a remnant of a reptilian brain lodged someone deep in our cerebral cortex?

    The human brain is more complex than any computer mankind has ever developed.

    Perhaps the brain looks designed because it was designed.


    [2] The Brain, Our Universe Within, PBS Video


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