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Barbara Garcia

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Everyone agrees that ‘love’ is a magical factor that uplifts, encourages, and inspires the recipient. Adding love to the products or services that you sell is the magical ingredient to success and abundance. Whatever it is that you sell with love will magnetize quality and price with joy for the buyer. A happy customer automatically encompasses your business with magnetism.

Creating a magnetic attraction around your business can be attained by projecting a blend of love and brightness into every aspect of your work. Whatever it is that you consciously want to achieve in your business is in fact what you will be manifesting using the power of love.

Those who own a metaphysical business and are successful, are those who believe in what they sell or perform a service with love. Generating enough of a cash flow so that you don’t have to work is not the objective of a metaphysical business owner or a metaphysical practitioner. You will still work because you love what you do!

Everyone in metaphysical practices agree that their ideas, beliefs and concepts actually created their practice. What they perceive as financial freedom is what their business receives and projects.

Manifesting your successful metaphysical business does not depend on what type of metaphysical product or service you offer, or your ethnicity, or your education, or your environment. It is strictly the result of your thinking. Your ‘intention’ is the force behind your business that will launch it into any direction that you perceive it to be. Your intention should be followed by synchronizing your daily business tasks with the conscious energy field of what is coming into your business, whether it is inquires, orders, or new projects. These are the ‘signposts’ and ‘guidelines’ of your business destiny. This awareness is not just about observing, it is about acting upon the signposts and guidelines.

If at anytime your business slows down to a drizzle of new orders, then take a look at what you are mentally projecting. Did you need a break? Were you preoccupied with something in your personal life? Remember, your business is a living entity and it responds to your thinking. Another cause for a slowed business flow is failure to put action behind your intention. The good news is that you have the power to jumpstart the flow by ‘action’; the unseen generator of success.

Before you open the door of your business, each day, take a moment and envelop your company, your products, your advertising, your communications, and your employees, webmaster, etc. with your love, your appreciation and your joy. Give thanks for all those who are in need of your products or services, which are guided to your business. When they place that order, give thanks for the reciprocal transfer of love and abundance that just took place. These are the magical principles of success that magnetize you, your business and your customers. This joyful, abundant intention will lead you to ultra financial success beyond your expectations throughout every stage of your business growth.

It is most important that you keep the heart and consciousness of your business free of outside negative influences such as the news of a slowed economy or a disaster that may have occurred and is front page news. Bringing this sort of information into your business market is the same as bringing in an infectious disease! You can create the ultimate successful business environment that will flourish you, your customers and your employees by keeping negativity out and positive energy in.

All it takes is one positive, prosperous statement and everyone around you is affected and joins in. The creative energy force of prosperity is a connection that everyone who is involved with your business in any way can participate. From your business to other business and practices, the infectious joy of prosperity expands, providing inspiration to everyone it comes in contact. Everyone knows the abundance of this world is unlimited and your business is included as a vessel in which prosperity flows.

A metaphysical business is an inspired business no matter what particular expertise it sets upon. It stands out; it shines with an inner glow of awareness and aliveness. It is not necessary to observe your competitors because you price your products and services to accommodate your customers and profit your business. Take the commercialism out of the equation and it is the fulfillment of desires, knowledge, education, wisdom and grace that you have chosen to pilot and steer into the timeless domain of prosperity.

Barbara Soblewski Garcia's website offers a wide range of services from private ESP consultations to ESP development classes, an Art Gallery and prints store. Barbara gained mass recognition in the Seventies with her involvement in several criminal cases, most notably The Hillside Strangler. Over the years her psychic powers has been thoroughly tested by numerous investigations in both lab and field settings


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