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Though you should get most of the information you seek from your doctor, you can search online and find many a great Crohn s disease website to give you even more.

You should remember that not all sites are created equal, and that some have a lot of information that is questionable. You’ll be wanting to go sites that have information that is accurate and up to date, but you may not know what to look for when your surfing through the search engines.

One way to clarify the information you read is to print out the details you find that are interesting to you, and then present them to your doctor so that you can talk about what you have found. Alternatively, visit trusted sites with up to date information and resources. Here are some great sites to get you started in your search.

When you want current and reliable information about Crohn’s disease, you should visit to see what they have to offer. This site is run by the Mayo Clinic and the information provided will help you understand what you need to know in words that you can understand, unlike some other medical sites that use a lot of medical terminology. This is definitely a great source, and an excellent place to start your search for information on the Internet.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of references and information, one of the places you want to be sure to visit is http://en.'s_disease . If you don’t know what Wikipedia is, you will find that they are one of the quickest growing networks of solid information you can find online. The best thing about this page is that you can find a lot of great information, and you can also look down at the bottom to see where the information came from. The list of references is quite extensive.

If you’re under 18 or your child has crohn’s disease is a great site for children who have Crohn’s, and the parents that are caring for them. There is all sorts of information for you to read through, and you can find great information about finding support when you need it the most. They also have something called the Crohn’s Control Test. This might help you understand your condition and what treatment options you might want to discuss with your doctor.

If you are looking for information that comes from medical sources and government sources, you will want to visit http://www.nlm. nih. gov/medlineplus/crohnsdisease.html . Here you will find a huge variety of topics relating to crohn’s disease that might be of great interest to you. You will find information about remedies, treatments, symptoms, flare ups and remission, surgical options, information for children, sources of support, clinical trials, encouragement, and many other ideas that can help enrich your life.

Though you may find a bit harder to understand, there is still a lot of great, accurate information here that you might need to know. This is a good place to find more information, and also a great place to find doctor referrals and the latest news items related to Crohn’s, Colitis, and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Though this Crohn s disease website is a little more technical in terms of how the information is presented and harder to navigate, it has a wealth of great information for you.

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Various Options Available in the Treatment of the Crohns Disease
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