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What job entails hanging out with cool people in a room all day chit-chatting, shooting the breeze, and laughing? Oh - and they also work with hair in the process? Give up? It's barbering!

Barbering Inheritance
When Calvin (played by Ice Cube) inherited his father's haircutting business in the movie “Barbershop, " he wasn't sure if he should keep it or sell it. He acted quickly and sold the struggling barbering business to a local loan shark. What he soon realized was he made a big mistake. While Calvin's barbering school credentials remain inconclusive, he probably didn't have formal training in barbering.

Sure he learned the tricks of the trade, but working as a barber didn't train him on the business end of things. At some cosmetology and barbering schools, an aspiring barber can take courses in independent ownership, management, and even accounting, as well as with hair design.

"The View" According to Barbers
Once someone completes training at one of the many barbering schools, he or she is on his way to a barbering career. Are you familiar with the ladies of the ABC talk show “The View" - you know, the four women at the semi-round table who do celebrity interviews and more? Think of a barber shop, but on TV with co-hosts in seats.

In fact this was the premise of MTV's reality series, “The Shop, " whereby Cory Rooney (shop owner) and his staff make up the cast of the show. The episodes chronicled the daily happenings at Mr. Rooney's barber shop, full of debates, “yo momma" jokes, and pseudo-political commentary. And let's not forget the “random" drop-ins of celebrities like Sean Diddy Combs, Busta Rhymes, and Bobby Brown.

So when you've completed a degree or certificate from reputable barbering schools, you can look forward to a possible career in showbiz if you become a barbering regular on “The Shop. " Regardless, working as a barber has many social perks. In fact, New York Daily News TV editor Richard Huff says, “It's not the stars that will make or break this show. In fact they get in the way of ‘the real barbers’ as their ongoing banter is what makes the show fun. '" So as a barber, you can look forward to laughing on the job.

Barbering Job Outlook
So what can one look forward to for cutting, shaping, trimming, and tapering men's hair? While the median expected salary for a typical barber in the United States is $21,200, 10 percent earned more than $43,170 in May 2004.

And since about 48 percent of barbers, cosmetologists, and other personal appearance workers are self-employed (working on a freelance basis for various companies), others also own their own salon. Moreover, a growing number lease booth space or chairs from a salon owner and work independently. There are plenty of opportunities for barbers in all different shapes and forms.

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