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So You Think You Have What It Takes

You think you have the look to be a hand model you have sat watching Q V C and price drop TV saying to your self I could do better than that looking at your hands, your friends and partner may say you can but do you really know what it takes. Firstly even though you have the hands of a goddess and you could win in a beauty contest against some of the top international models this does not mean that you are the material that the companies are looking for. As some ads use top models to show there products others are just as likely to use any one in the studio as a temp one day wonder, if they never got a model in time for the shoot or they just wanted to cut back on expense.

First Thing To Do

So the first thing to do is to ascertain your assets is your skin tone good, as the modern film that is used is over sensitive for any makeup beyond touch up or a pencil birthmark. Are you nails nicely shaped? If you have a slightly crooked finger That love ones would kindly overlook this will take you out of the running to compete in this highly competitive business. Is the back of your hand very wide this is mainly to do with women? It is possible to last in this business with a wide back end but a narrow back would be considered a real plus. Next most important how good are your thumbs? As in a TV screen they will be 1/3 the size as this is the case it is better they look good.

What Is Next

Make a portfolio to submit in to agencies, you are best not paying for your photos just get a friend to take some shots with a cheap camera do not be concerned with the lighting, look though the magazines for hand models and try to recreate their poses to see if your hands are photogenic and if they look good in the modelling eye.

Getting Your Agency

The key word here is research, hand modelling is just like any other form of modelling you need to find the right agency not one that can end up putting you in a *** o clip most top agency’s will have a hand department make an appointment and take your photos along if they ask say you have photos but tell the truth say their not professional but they are recreations of real ads. You should dress smart but casual although they are interested in your hands your whole approach must look good. If they set you up with a test shoot this is good for your professional portfolio and the photographer will give their feed back to the agency and set you up on the road to fame.

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