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What does it really take to be a model? If you are really serious about having a successful modeling career, you can’t afford to ignore this question. Let’s examine some of the important things in modeling.

Physical attributes
Let’s face it modeling is about beauty. Have you ever seen an ugly model on the billboard advertising a product or on a runway modeling for top designers? No, we all like to identify with beautiful things, things that are lovely to look at. That’s why physical attributes are very important in modeling. But the necessary physical attributes for modeling is not just having a beautiful face, the right height, a nice figure etc are also important.

Believing in yourself
Believing in yourself is part of what it takes to become a model. As a model you must be self –confident, the way you handle yourself will reflect your confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself it will be difficult for people to believe in you. To become a model you can’t afford to be distracted by self doubts, you need to believe in yourself. It is this belief in yourself, believing you can become a successful model no matter what, that will help you when you face challenges. Some of the challenges you will face will include initial rejections by some agencies, people question your choice of career etc. But you can’t afford to let all that get in your way; you must believe you can become a successful model to actually become one.

One thing that has crashed so many promising modeling careers is humility. Don’t get so caught up in your physical attributes that you become too proud. When you are humble you will find people who will go out of their way to help you achieve your dreams. Humility will help you go a long way in any field in life; modeling is no exception.

You will definitely experience challenges as you are starting out in modeling and even when you become a successful model. Persistence is important in overcoming challenges. Challenges like initial rejections from agencies, people telling you are not good enough etc will come your way, but you just need to be persistent enough to overcome them.

A Good Agent
Throw in a good agent with all the things listed above and you have what it takes to be a model; a really successful model. If you can sign up with a good agent who is not just interested in money but in your career, you will really enjoy modeling. A good agent knows all that you need to do to get to the top and he or she will make sure you get the right opportunities that will get you there.

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what it takes to become a model

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