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The human body is a complex organization of complimentary systems that work in concert to make the body function properly. Each complex system has individual parts that must function properly for the system to work. In this article you will find a brief overview of a few of the body’s many amazing systems.

The Skeletal System

The main job of the skeleton is to provide structural support for our body. Without bones our bodies would collapse into a heap of skin, organs and muscle tissue. Bones provide a place for muscles to attach so we can move. Additionally, the skeletal system helps to protect our inner organs and fragile body tissues.

The average human adult skeleton has 206 bones joined to ligaments and tendons to form a protective and supportive framework for the attached muscles and soft underlying tissues.

The Digestive System

The digestive system is a group of organs that work to break down the chemical components of food through the use of digestive juices into essential nutrients, which can be absorbed to generate the body’s energy. This system also builds and replaces cells and tissues, which are constantly dying.

The Circulatory System

The circulatory system is responsible for transporting materials throughout the entire body. It transports nutrients, water, and oxygen to the billions of cells within your body while carrying away wastes such as carbon dioxide produced by body cells. The circulatory system is an amazing highway that travels through your entire body connecting the totality of your body cells.

The circulatory system is divided into three major parts:

The Heart

The Blood

The Blood Vessels

The Respiratory System

The respiratory system brings oxygen into the body through inhalation and removes carbon dioxide when you exhale. This system includes the nose, trachea, and lungs. When you breathe in, air enters your nose or mouth and goes down a long tube called the trachea. The trachea branches into two bronchial tubes, or primary bronchi, which have an all-access pass to the lungs. The primary bronchi branch off into even smaller bronchial tubes, or bronchioles. The bronchioles end in the alveoli, or air sacs. Oxygen follows this path and passes through the walls of the air sacs and blood vessels entering the blood stream. At the same time, carbon dioxide is passed into the lungs and is eliminated from the body when exhaled.

The Nervous System

Your nervous system is the command and control system of the body. Its job is to communicate by sending and receiving messages. Your nervous system controls thought and movement. As part of the nervous system, you have:

The Brain - Command center

The Spinal Cord

Neurons - Carry electrical messages that are the “language" of the nervous system.

The body also has additional systems we have not mentioned here. Each of these ‘body’ systems are made up of smaller complex systems. Even the simplest cell in the body is itself a complex system.

How did these complex systems come into existence?

It is easy to think these systems were designed by an intelligence much greater than ourselves. It is easy and logical to believe because we see this in our everyday lives. Complex systems such as a personal computer, TV, or DVD player are never the result of accidents. They are always the result of an intelligent mind that engineered and manufactured them.

Evolutionists have espoused a dogmatic belief system that insists mankind, and all animal life for that matter, evolved from primitive creatures. Evolutionists show us picture of this progression as a monkey turns into an ape then eventually from an ape into a modern man. We’ve all seen these pictures, which are considered one of the icons of evolution. These pictures make evolution appear simple. An ape looks like a human so it makes sense that they are one of our ancestors, right? Unfortunately many people take these simple explanations at face value without questioning the logic. However, as stated above, life is much more than this simple progression. Life has a complexity that is staggering as you delve into the molecular level. Each living organism has many systems that have been engineered with incredible precision.

Many people however would rather believe these complex systems are a result of a series of random accidents.

At its core, evolutionary theory states that every complex system evolved through minute changes within organisms over long periods of time.

Those that ascribe to the theory of evolution, no matter what the evidence states, have come up with various explanations for this scenario, but there are none to date that pass a test using logic as it’s primary indicator. The explanations of dogmatic evolutionists do not make logical sense nor do they agree with scientific knowledge, as we know it. They also do not conform to the observable world around us.

Maybe the complex systems of the human body look designed because they really are designed.

Discover truth using simple everyday logic. Learn the truth about evolution and intelligent design. Articles, debate, and more. Obvious Truths:


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