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One of the primary tenets if this reform Maria Montessori, emphasizes that the cognitive and emotional operating of a child is quite a different than that of an adult, in which it has been confirmed that the child’s psyche absorbs the environmental stimuli unconsciously and the conscious mind starts to build up from that point.

Thus, it is quite evident that before being ideologically advanced, a child must be appreciated in a right direction and provided with positive opportunities and practice of mind and concept developing application, so that the child in question must be carried out with an appropriate problem solving ability and enhanced rationality to cope up with the problems and difficulties in life. Hence the research design must follow the strategy formulizing with various stages and phases. The initial phase would encompass the relevant data for the purpose of research which would be done with optimum care and with intricate formulation. The next stage would be to use these data and formulate the result which would determine the later stages. Accordance to the findings it would be estimated the probable methods that would be applied to the adolescents and the most assumed method in this case would be a program that would involve daily classes of about 2 hours on metal health counselling in relation to education. Here the students would be taught according to their favourite subjects and while teaching the textual materials of the normal school curriculum students would be induced with counselling principals and cured of their problems by encouraging them to indulge into specific subjects of their likings.

This would be a distraction from their usual frame of mind. Thus by providing them specific goals it is possible that they would be able to quit their existing way of life.

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