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Here are a few important tips on how you can save money on your student loan. Read this article carefully and follow this check list to identify some of these simple techniques to save you money. If you are nearing graduation you probably want to consider consolidating your loans through the Federal Loan Consolidation Program to lower your monthly payments by up to 50%. This checklist will help you handle your student loan.

1. Student Loan Interest Rate: Keep a watch on your Loan interest rate, your interest rate changes every July 1st and are variable you can lock your interest rate by consolidating your student loan now.

2. Pay your Student Loan on time: Don’t delay or get behind in making your loan payment, if you think you are in trouble and cannot make payment on time contact your loan provider and find out if you are eligible for deferment, because it is important to remember that any late payment on student loans will negatively affect your credit.

3. Select a good repayment option: There are multiple payment plans available for your student loan and you need to choose the payment plan that best suits your financial situation.

4. Get rewarded for your student loans: There are a few lenders or service providers that will give you a special interest rate, so if you pay your loan on time for a specified period you get rewarded for it.

5. Use automatic payment: By using automatic payment you ensure that your loan payments are made on time, there is no possibility of you missing out on a payment unless there is no money in your account, you also don’t have to worry about writing checks every month.

If you are thinking about using college loan consolidation to possibly lower your monthly loan payments, then now is the time to start consolidating and lowering those payments. Never in recent history have the interest rates on student loan consolidations been quite as low as they are now. What does that mean for you? Quite simply, you will be receiving the best available deals for debt consolidation when you choose to consolidate your student loans now here. Whether you have just a small amount of loan debt or a very large amount, consolidation can help you to lower your monthly payments NOW if you get started on it right away.

There is some good news for those of you who have not graduated yet as under the new rules, students don’t have to wait to graduate to consolidate their student loans.

Which loans should you consolidate? You can consolidate Perkins, Stafford and PLUS loans (parent loans for students) and even some previously consolidated loans. Unfortunately, you cannot consolidate private loans that are not federally guaranteed. Also, most lenders will only consolidate loans for students with loan balances of at least $7,500. For most of you, this threshold won't be a problem. According to a recent Nellie Mae study, the average student owes an average of $18,900 in student loans on graduation.

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