The North American Animals


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After all, only ten percent of the country is inhabited by people whereas most certainly all of Canada features wildlife and natural beauty.

While there are many wild and unique animals in the country the beaver has long been associated with Canada. The beloved beavers rise to fame started with the fur hat fashion fad. During the peak of the fur trade 100 000 beaver pelts made their way to Europe each year.

As a result the Canadian beaver was close to extinction in the middle of the 19th century.

The largest and possibly the most dangerous of Canadian animals is the bear. The grizzly, the most notorious type of bear, roams the higher slopes of the western and northern mountains. It can be recognized by its brown fur with whitish tips and a hump behind its neck. The brown bear which is actually black in color, can also be seen in the western and northern parts of the country. It is the black bear that is the most common found across the country, even in populated areas such as campgrounds and cottage areas.

The polar bear is a much loved creature. It can weigh up to 680 kilograms and has thick, off-white fur. This animal is protected by law and can be found only in the extreme north, including many near Churchill, Manitoba and zoos.

Other well-known Canadian animals include the buffalo, wolf, coyote, deer, moose, caribou, elk and porcupine. The colossal moose is the undisputed king of the antler world. The raccoon and skunk are scavengers that can be found even in big cities in Canada.

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