Undergraduate Degrees Value Decreasing: What To Do


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There was a time, not so long ago, when having a bachelor's degree meant that you could go out and get the highest paying job in your chosen profession. You would have no problem securing a job, and you wouldn't need any more higher education. Those days are long past.

With more people staying in school longer, the job field is becoming more competitive. These days, in order to make the cut, you may need a Masters degree or even a doctorate to make the cut. A Masters degree can make a $10,000 or more difference in pay in some fields.

Learn about Your Profession

Before getting a Masters degree, learn the ins and outs of the profession. Sometimes a Masters degree can hurt you. For instance, although most schools would prefer employees with a Masters degree, many of them simply can't afford the raise in pay. Education is certainly the exception to the rule, but the situation is something to consider.

Company Pays For It

If you're lucky, you can get your current company to pay for your Masters degree. There is a two-fold advantage to this situation. First, you won't have any debt, and second, they'll be giving you a raise after you reach your higher education level.

Expanding Your Options

Undergraduate degrees are usually general in nature while Masters degrees are more specific. At the same time, a Masters degree can greatly expand your options. Some companies only want to hire individuals with higher level degrees, so you can now be in the running for those jobs as well. Also, if you decide to change careers, you'll be in the perfect position to get a Masters degree to prepare you for your career change.


Having a Masters degree will also confer more prestige on you. Although this isn't a good reason to get a Masters degree in itself, if you are planning to start your own business or already run your own business, the extra letters behind your name can increase your credibility.

Higher Pay

Most companies give a significant salary increase to employees who have a higher degree. If you are considering expanding your family or making a big purchase, you might want to invest in a Masters first so that your higher pay level can help pay off your new expense.

Why Choose a Masters?

Learn More About Your Profession

Your Company May Pay For It

Expand Your Options

Change Careers


Higher Pay

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