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The new world of quickly and incredibly developing technologies and new approaches in psychology, physiology and physics has shown new principles and even values of the phenomena of the old world. Teacher as a phenomena of the old world has its general meaning as a learner, somebody with information deduction and presentation skills, somebody who those who want to study should listen to and follow. During the Middle Age school teachers were of great respect and fear. A teacher could physically punish any student who did not show his/her respect to a teacher.

One could not even imagine what happened to those students who did not agree with teachers deduction or presentation methods or teaching techniques! Such students might even be jailed or extradited that was equal to death.

Nowadays the distinction between teachers and students is so indefinite that it is sometimes difficult to call teacher a teacher or student a student. There are many teachers of the old generation who do not know and cannot even adopt to the new technological computerized world and very often they need their students help in learning some software or computer techniques. Besides, modern teaching approaches have changed so greatly that democratic principles of equality would definitely blur the distinction between a student and a teacher.

So who are teachers then now? Are we learning children or children are learning us? Are our children in real need of being taught if they are sometimes more educated than us? What can we teach them if we do not know and comprehend what will make them respect us?

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Mentors, Teachers And Coaches
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