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First, homeschool applies study techniques and methods which are not usually possible at public schools. Next, these study methods are often not applied at all as parents are not interested in study methods and do not learn them at all. They are sure teaching process does not need such techniques and methods because they can see how these methods daily fail at public schools. Being sure study techniques accepted by public school are not successful parents just ignore them. Of course their love and devotion to their children are the best techniques to keep children interested in study. However, the decision about homeschool education should be made by both parents and their children.

It is important to know children’s opinion regarding homeschool education. This opinion can be created on comparison only. Thus, children should try going to public school first and their parents should ask children about their feelings, behavior, relationships and attitudes to school. Here poor scores and difficulties with class and homework should not be the core criteria. Parents of poor studying children should find the reasons first at home and then at school. Very often poor study is affected by home atmosphere which does not stimulate children to study. Most families where parents are not interested in self-development and study have difficulties with their children’s homework and class work results.

Children who see from time to time their parents reading, learning and discussing something new at homes will definitely have greater results at school.

If the reason of poor schooling is not at home, then parents can take a decision to teach a child at home. After such decision has been taken both parents should understand they are now completely responsible for their children’s success. Thus, it would be useful for them to spend some time learning some useful and necessary study techniques and tips. Here some psychology knowledge and children’s testing on perception and memory would be in need as well.

Children’s preparation for homeschooling is strongly recommended. Usually parents choose homeschooling education because their children are not happy and successful at public schools. If parents tell children about public schools, their teachers, attitudes and values as a big disadvantage and a real ‘disaster’ for children’s future success, children will mistakenly perceive the society by applying these advantages to any environment which is out of their homes. Parents should be careful with introducing homeschooling alternative to their children, they should keep in mind one day their children will go out of home and want to live happily in society.

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Homeschool Regulations And Beyond
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