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Just as physical exercise is needed for the body, mental exercise is needed for the mind. In fact, research has shown that giving the mind a good workout regularly not only keeps those neuronal passageways clear and efficient but also mitigates against the age-induced problems that come with senescence. For this reason, a crossword or two, perhaps some sudoku—even some plain old number games—will do both you and your mind a lot of good. The feature on my website called Problem of the Week will help you achieve this mind-stimulating objective.

When I started building my site, I wanted to create a place where web-surfers could go to find informative articles to read, great ebooks to buy, and educational services to obtain. The site was the result of over twenty years of my efforts in compiling educational techniques and methods which would help a wide range of students. The special feature on my site, Problem of the Week, was born out of the desire to challenge minds—both young and old—with some good old-fashioned problem mind teasers. Moreover, you can learn a thing or two about mathematics and indeed life. Come visit here and challenge your mind to some creative problem solving. Some of the problems will require some mathematical knowledge while others will only require a sturdy resolve and an “I can lick it" attitude.

Every week a new problem will be added. There is a separate solutions page to check your answer against or to get help when you feel you can no longer entertain the problem. Come back regularly to try some of these mind-benders, and be sure to share them with your family and friends, particularly your children. Please email me with your comments, suggestions, and feedback. Who knows? You just might end up becoming a master problem solver, and your mind might end up being one less, victimized by the ravages of old age.

Joe is a prolific writer of self-help and educational material and an award-winning former teacher of both college and high school mathematics. Under the penname, JC Page, Joe authored Arithmetic Magic, the little classic on the ABC’s of arithmetic. Joe is also author of the charming self-help ebook, Making a Good Impression Every Time: The Secret to Instant Popularity; the original collection of poetry, Poems for the Mathematically Insecure, and the short but highly effective fraction troubleshooter Fractions for the Faint of Heart. The diverse genre of his writings (novel, short story, essay, script, and poetry)—particularly in regard to its educational flavor— continues to captivate readers and to earn him recognition.

Joe propagates his teaching philosophy through his articles and books and is dedicated to helping educate children living in impoverished countries. Toward this end, he donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every ebook. For more information go to .


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