Global Warming - Is It Reversable?


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Global Warming, Our World's Greatest Challenge

The World. . . confronted with “Global Warming" are faced with a common agenda, a common goal, we must now all work toward finding a solution. The question in the minds of all our leaders and top scientists are. . . "where do we start" ? Oh sure, we could shut down all our industry. This would certainly be a great beginning in halting most of the pollution presently being released into our atmosphere, rivers and soils and possibly begin to reverse the ongoing “Greenhouse Effect". The excess carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere is of course the prime cause of our present “global warming" issues. Unfortunately, mankind cannot just halt industry, it can only adjust how more efficient it can be carried out. The people of the world must unite in purpose to accomplish this goal.

Renewable, Nonpolluting Energy

For many decades(too many) now, our society has been ravishing our once plentiful supplies of fossil fuels to power our growing industry needs, unconsciously thwarting the effects of the polluting by-products of their use, mainly due to their once plentiful supply and ongoing profits from their continued use. We are now able to gradually replace more and more of our fossil fuels with renewable energy from the sun, wind, geothermal, etc. . Our use of just one of these new energy sources, i. e. , the wind, has doubled in 2005 and is expected to double again for 2006. Solar power is growing at the rate that is a close second to wind energy.

Our Government Must Take Part

In order to cause a quick reversal of the green house effect here in the U. S. , our government must quickly rally behind the needs to reverse the trends of Global Warming. Even if this country issued an all-out proclamation in congress tomorrow to finance this effort, as was done during the Kennedy era in the early ‘60s to land man on the moon in 10 years, this would take a much greater program to even begin to cause a substantial and with this a noticeable change. Any change will not be accomplished overnight. We have wasted energy for so long in our daily living that this would be one of the first places to begin. One quick way to make a quick and noticeable change in our total energy consumption would be to replace any incandescent light bulb in our homes and offices with equivalent CFL lamps. This sounds easy, but to convince all of america to make this change would not be an easy task.

Wind Versus Solar

Wind energy can also help us to produce vast amounts of energy and actually would use up less area in producing a given amount of power and contrary to using solar power, it will supply energy 24 hours a day. . . as long as the wind keeps blowing for this period. Solar can only supply energy directly while the sun is shining and also when clouds do not obscure it. Of course, the aesthetics of solar energy gathering grids are much more appealing to the eye than are the monstrously tall windmill towers, which usually rise to more than 400 feet and are being designed even larger. It is hoped that a Global effort in our present energy conservation programs already adopted, along with adoption of renewable energy sources being implemented to slowly replace the fossil fuels in present use.

Author: Lucien Beauley
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A Guide to Global Warming
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