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Safety Engineering Schools provide programs of study in engineering for safety, a discipline that is subject to regulation and heavy use of technologies. Safety engineering is evolving continuously, with new legal and regulatory requirements being introduced by safety organizations and governmental agencies almost daily. Safety engineering requires interpretation of uses of new information and innovative technologies, adapting programs and policies, and implementing procedures and products to meet the social and industrial needs of changing business environments.

Safety Engineering Schools provide bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees, as well as certificates for specialization in various areas of safety engineering. At the bachelor level, studies will address subjects within the field of safety engineering that will include safety and health, probability, statistics, risk, management. Students will also study principles of science, computers, theory, and communications in order to develop technical skills for solving technical problems that relate to the safety engineering field.

At the master degree level, safety engineering students will take on responsibilities of a safety engineer that includes property loss control, safety program design and management, accident investigation, ergonomics, hygiene, and OSHA regulations and compliance.

Doctorate level safety engineering studies will involve research with consideration for applications to industry. Courses may include laws for safety and health, preparations that must be taken for emergency and disaster management, analytical safety, and engineering that factors in elements of dealing with humans.

Safety Engineering Schools teach students to design, test, oversee, and maintain, and determine qualities of success and causes of failure. Safety engineering requires extensive use of computers to aid in production, analysis, and testing of mechanical structures and system operations, and to monitor quality and control of environments and work processes.

Safety Engineering Schools teach engineers to be adept in using tools of many types for development of processes and procedures used in industry to develop and maintain safe products and safe environments.

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