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Along with advancements in technology and globalization perceptions in work culture have undergone a significant change. Today career advancements and earning potential are linked to qualifications more than experience. Promotions and pay packet increases are less dependant on diligence and performance and more emphasis is being placed on furthering education, and further training in every field of work.

To keep abreast with times it is important to earn additional qualifications, learn new technologies, and develop new talents like team work, effective communications and management skills. Today online colleges enable people in mid-career and more to qualify themselves while keeping a full time job. The World Wide Web has changed the world of education and now one can earn a degree in any subject without taking a sabbatical from work. All you need to do is evaluate your present qualifications and skills and take a serious look at where your career is headed and where you would like it to go. Once you are clear what your aims are you can register for a degree in any of the accredited online colleges.

All you need to do is surf the internet and find out which colleges offer the programs and qualifications you are looking for, the course needs, and costs. You have the option of doing one course at a time or registering for more than one course. The choice of regular or fast track is yours and depends on how much time you can devote to studying and completing the coursework.

Leading universities like the University of Phoenix online offer great opportunities to advance your career and further your education. Be wise and choose an accredited college and a course that is relevant to your work. Unlike many years ago today employers seek workers who have qualifications related to the field of work so a degree in language, literature or arts will not help you if you want to make a living from marketing, manufacturing, or e-commerce.

Before you enroll for a course find out if the college is recognized by the US Department of Education at http://www.ed. gov/admins/finaid/accred/accreditation_pg4.html . Ensure that the college has all the permissions and likening. Read the Federal Trade Commission’s Guide for Private, Vocational, and Distance Education Schools http://www.ftc. gov/bcp/guides/vocation-gd.htm .

Through online education you can earn a degree, diploma, or certification in many fields from management, computer, and technology to interior design and nursing. The choices are many and can be confusing so you need to choose a course that compliments your work, career goals, natural skills, interests, as well as abilities. If confused or uncertain seek the help of an HR expert or career guidance counselor.

Focus on:

  • What kind of advancement are you thinking about? Do you want to grow within the organization or are you thinking of a complete change in career.

  • What are the degrees and training that are suitable for your job. Find out what your employer looks for and accepts.

    Choose to educate your self and earn higher qualifications. If you do that you can put yourself on the fast track as far as your career is concerned. Your earnings will more than double with the right qualifications.

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