100th Day of School Projects and Activities


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100th day of school projects and activities can be difficult to come up with. That is why we are providing a list of possible 100th day of school projects and activities that you can do with your students. We do not quite have a list of one hundred 100th day of school projects and activities, but we have enough to start giving you some good ideas!

  • Have your kids create an art project using 100 items – the can glue 100 hundred flowers to a piece of poster board, sew 100 sequins onto a t-shirt, or whatever they want to do.

  • Donate 100 cans of dog food or cat food to your local animal shelter

  • Bring in 100 cans to recycle

  • Have your kids list 100 things that they can do

  • Have your kids list 100 things that they hate

  • Create a drawing out of just 100 dots.

  • Write a poem using 100 words

  • Write about what it would be like to have lived 100 years.

  • Teach about how life was different 100 years ago

  • Bring to class 100 of something (100 marbles in a jar, etc. )

  • Do 100 jumping jacks.

  • Challenge your kids to do 100 cartwheels or summersaults as a class relay

  • Have your class come up with 100 things that they could do to change the world

  • Do 100 good deeds

  • Ask, “what do you wish you had 100 of?”

  • Make pictures with 100 pennies (aka $1)

  • Try to say the same word 100 times in a row

  • Name 100 parts of the body

  • Find, cut out, and glue the numbers 1-100 in a newspaper

  • Try to name 100 different animals

  • Think of 100 different ways to say “I love you” or “hello”

  • Pick up 100 pieces of litter

  • Have your class come up with 100 questions that you can answer throughout the rest of the year.

    There are many possibilities of different 100th day of school projects and activities. You just need to be creative. You can even have your students help you come up with different, fun 100th day of school projects and activities.

    Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on back-to-school information, please visit Homeroom Teacher .

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