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Articles about or concerning Triathlons, Triathlon Training, Transitioning, Bike Tips, Run Tips, Swim Tips, Triathlon Equipment, Ironman.
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The Lethal Sport Of Triathlons

 Lynnette Thomas (August 17, 2011)  A forty year-old woman competitor died in the Nautical New York City Triathlon after experiencing difficulty breathing during the swimming section of the marathon. This came just a day after a 64 year old man died during the race. He had been pulled unconscious from the Hudson River. The authorities believe the man had had a heart attack. The police report revealed that 26 other race .. (Triathlon)

Kettlebell Training For Triathletes - A Half Marathon Experiment

 Charlotte Ord (December 17, 2008)  As every triathlon enthusiast will appreciate, success in competition demands a considerable time commitment. Indeed, many participants find themselves short-changing other important aspects of their lives, such as work, and time for family and friends, in order to put in those all important training hours. I myself have slaved away for up to 14 hours a week just to be competitive at .. (Triathlon)

Triathlon Turn Buoys

 Duane Dobko (November 06, 2008)  Why are turn buoys so important in open water triathlon swimming? After all, they are few and far between (there are usually only 2 turns in an entire race). The logic would suggest that they are inconsequential, which couldn't be further from the truth. It is not the time to go around a turn buoy that makes them so important. Instead, they are critical because they create an .. (Triathlon)

The Ironman Triathlon - My Life in a Nutshell

 Larry Smith (October 29, 2008)  The Iron Man triathlon has been described as perhaps the most grueling and challenging endurance exercise event in the world. It consists of 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and finishes with a 26.2 mile marathon run. Each individual faces extreme challenges in training for and in completing this demanding and punishing experience. To become an official “Iron Man" .. (Triathlon)

Triathlons Three Ways to Win

 Joseph Devine (July 30, 2008)  A triathlon is an athletic competition that tests an individuals swimming, cycling, and running abilities. Each leg of the race is conducted over a different difference. Because of the three different areas, excelling in one area is not enough to guarantee a competitive time. Experienced, trained triathletes have learned how to race each individual stage in a way that gives them the .. (Triathlon)

Triathlons What Does it Take to Survive and Thrive?

 Jason John Smith (July 25, 2008)  Well of course your equipment is a crucial part to your success and your bike is probably the most import element to your success aside from your actual training. You need a bike that is quick, fits your body style and of course won't break your bank account. With tackling any new sport or activity you need to start off with the basics. Fundamentals are the key to your success. As you .. (Triathlon)

7 Tips For Recovery From Triathlon Training and Racing

 Kerry Sullivan (July 24, 2008)  1) Static stretching. What is static stretching? This is when one holds a stretch for a few seconds. Ideally you want to hold it for 20 seconds to a minute at a time. It is important to do this at the end of a work out to maintain flexibility as often muscles tend to tighten up after workouts. Keeping flexible may help you go faster in the long run as you are able to have more range of . (Triathlon)

Triathlon Racing Tips Staying Out of the Medical Tent

 John M. Martinez, M.D. (July 10, 2008)  Staying out of the medical tent on race day Proper training throughout the season is important to get you to the starting line of the triathlon. However, what you do in the last few days leading up to the big race can have a huge effect on your race day results. One of the more common problems is the triathlete that sustains a bad sunburn the week before the race. A serious sunburn .. (Triathlon)

Can You Do An Ironman Triathlon?

 Tavis Yeung (March 31, 2008)  So you think you can become one of the 1/1000th of 1% of the world who can say they have gone and completed an Ironman Triathlon? It's quite an accomplishment to either swim 2.2 miles, or bike 112, or run a 26.2mile marathon - but to do them all consecutively in one day?! Some would argue this is borderline psychotic ;) Suffice to say, I am one of those psychotic people and to perhaps .. (Triathlon)

Confessions of a Former Triathlete

 Faye Osman (March 11, 2008)  As I am writing this on February 23rd 2008, some of my friends are battling it out on the grueling race course of the Ironman Langkawi, Malaysia. It is a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run event. It is not an easy thing to accomplish, and it takes guts to even register for it. I did, in fact, put my name on the participants’ list and paid the early bird fee of US$150 (regular . (Triathlon)

Buying A Triathlon Bike - Good Intentions!

 Dec Bruen (March 08, 2008)  As the old saying goes, Life is full of good intentions, and this is no truer than for getting fit. Every day, people are making life changing decisions, whether it be starting a new business, getting fit, start training for a marathon or a triathlon. What you need to look for is the latter, people who have decided that they are going to get fit and down the road, complete a triathlon. . (Triathlon)

Triathlon Nutrition Made Easy

 Valorie Cherice (January 01, 2008)  Physical activity is definitely important if you're trying to be healthy, but it's just as important to include proper nutrition in your lifestyle. This is even more critical for anyone who's training for a triathlon. Food is fuel, and when one of the things you should be doing when preparing for a triathlon is making sure your giving your body the right fuel. Changes to your diet may .. (Triathlon)

Used Triathlon Bikes - Why Buy Second Hand

 Dec B (November 18, 2007)  Probably the most expensive part of getting involved in a triathlon or ironman event or training is the bike. It obviously needs to be fast, the correct size for you and of course, within your budget. As in any sport or occupation, the beginner starts off with the basics. They get used to their chosen sport and gradually upgrade their equipment. As they improve, they look for ways to .. (Triathlon)

Triathlon Checklist

 Chan Cheow Yian (October 06, 2007)  When the race day is near, most participants will be overwhelmed with excitements about the race they are going to embark on. They will be panicky about what they need to pack. It would not be nice if you are going oversea for the race. Here is a check list that may be handy for most races. Use this list prior to leaving your home, hotel or your trip. This will sure make you will feel .. (Triathlon)

Triathlon Bike 101 - Getting Started

 Janet Wilson (August 09, 2007)  I met with one of my new triathlon clients recently and noticed 7 things during a quick 5 minutes review of his triathlon bike (this was after I begged him to bring his bike to one of his swim training sessions). Hopefully you can learn from these 7 issues: 1. Basic triathlon bike maintenance. The first thing I noticed was his chain - it was rusty. Six drops of chain lube could have .. (Triathlon)

Triathlon Swimming - "Help - I Sink Like a Rock!" 5 Keys to Swimming Level in the Water

 Janet Wilson (July 25, 2007)  I got an email from a beginner triathlete that went like this: “Can you help me with my triathlon swimming? When I get in the water I sink like a rock and can't keep myself near the top of the water. Any tips?" This is a pretty common problem for triathletes struggling with their swimming. It is an important problem to fix, too. The more of your body (low hips and legs) you have .. (Triathlon)

Triathlon Training Plan - How Do I Get My Bike Miles Up?

 Janet Wilson (July 25, 2007)  I got a question this week from a triathlete struggling to build up mileage on his triathlon bike. This is a common challenge for triathletes. The trick here is to build mileage slowly and consistently. Here are some tips: Remember to consult your physician before starting any fitness program. 1. Build up mileage slowly. Most triathletes are competitive by nature and they tend to push .. (Triathlon)

5 Keys to Race Day Nutrition for Your Next Triathlon

 Janet Wilson (July 25, 2007)  I am often asked by triathletes, “What should I eat to kick butt in my next triathlon?" The answer is, “It depends. " I'm not a nutritionist, but I have learned a lot about my own nutrition planning through years of training experience. Each individual is different, and if you really want a personalized plan you should seek out a professional nutritionist. Some basic tricks . (Triathlon)

Triathlon Swimming - 5 Keys To Improve Your Triathlon Swim Stroke

 Janet Wilson (July 16, 2007)  Swimming is the hardest of the three triathlon disciplines to master for most of the triathletes I coach. Probably the biggest reason is that swimming is the most “technique dependent" of the disciplines. If you just jump in a pool and start flailing around you not only won't improve, but you may actually “groove" a bad stroke and make it even harder to train yourself .. (Triathlon)

The Wakefield Triathlon

 Dom Clacy (July 10, 2007)  The long drive up towards Leeds took about 5hrs through what I can only describe as ever changing weather. One minute there was gorgeous sunshine and the next, torrents of rain. My emotions were quite suttle, I didn't feel like I would be racing the next day. Arriving at Wakefield I was greeted with a muddy field, a splutter of rain and some appropriately unhappy marshalls. There was .. (Triathlon)

Triathlon Bike Tips: How To Pack a Triathlon Bike Case - Part One

 Janet Wilson (July 09, 2007)  Is your next big race halfway across the country? Traveling a long distance to a triathlon adds a lot of additional stress and potential problems before the starting gun even goes off. Here are some tips on how to pack your triathlon bike and gear so that everything gets to the transition area - including you - in good shape and ready to race. Here are the steps to packing a triathlon .. (Triathlon)

Beginner Triathlete - 6 Swim Tips For Your First Triathlon

 Janet Wilson (July 04, 2007)  Are you a triathlon beginner intimidated by the swim? Don't feel bad - most beginners find the swim the toughest of the three disciplines. Here are 6 swimming tips to help you perform well during the swim at your first triathlon or to improve your swim time as you advance. 1. Swim technique. The more time you work on your technique, the more efficient your stroke and the less energy .. (Triathlon)

Do You Hate Swimming?

 Kevin Koskella (June 15, 2007)  Overwhelmingly, when I talk to triathletes and aspiring triathletes, I hear a similar theme when it comes to their view on swimming. It usually goes something like this: "I could to a triathlon, if it weren't for the swim!" or "My training is going well- except for my swimming- I'm just not getting any better!" or "I love doing triathlons, but I hate the swimming part!" If you've .. (Triathlon)

How Do You Swim Straight in the Open Water?

 Kevin Koskella (June 15, 2007)  Swimming straight is a major challenge to open water swimming (and even swimming in a pool with lane lines!), and the key lies in one of our other fun challenges in swimming: breathing! Here's a quick guide to swimming straight: 1. Simply doing alternate (or bi-lateral) breathing would go a long way towards making you swim in a straight. If you are comfortable with this, breathe every 3 . (Triathlon)

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