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Articles about or concerning Track And Field, Sprinting, Pole Vaulting, Discus, Javelin, Hurdle, High Jump, Cross Country, Track And Field History.
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Who Invented Track and Field? - A Short History of the Sport

 Wendy Pan (November 04, 2008)  Like many of today's action sports, track and field has its origins in the first Olympics in Greece. When you begin to investigate who invented track and field, you find that, again, like soccer, track and field disappeared during the “dark" ages, and reappeared with modern organization during the 1800's. Since they did not have jeeps and tanks and trucks in the ancient world, .. (Track and Field)

How Fast Can Usain Bolt Run? Is 9.5 Seconds Possible in the 100 Meter Dash?

 Waldemar Puszkarz (October 29, 2008)  If you watched the last summer Olympics, you obviously know who Usain Bolt is, don't you? If you did not, well here is a very brief scoop for you: he is the fastest man ever who has set a new world record in the 100 meter dash during the Beijing Olympic Games. His record stands at 9.69 seconds, which is quite a feat as most humans, even those particularly skilled, will never be able to .. (Track and Field)

Michigan State Hires Kim McGreevy, Former Big Ten Champion, As New Assistant Coach

 Ed Bagley (October 16, 2008)  Kim McGreevy, a former Big Ten Conference cross-country champion and Academic All-American, has been named as the new assistant track & field and cross-country coach at Michigan State University. McGreevy had spent the last 4 years in the same position at the University of Connecticut. McGreevy replaces the successful and popular Rita Arndt-Molis, who accepted a position in early .. (Track and Field)

Track & Field - 10 Athletes Really Gained Attention at the 2008 Bremerton West Sound Senior Games

 Ed Bagley (October 11, 2008)  Ten athletes really stood out in track and field at the 2008 Bremerton (WA) West Sound Senior Games held in July (7-12-08)-Steve Joyner, Daryl Schruhl, Doug Whittle, Jim Felty, Linda Zahnow, Jean Cornwell, Susan Hasselgrave, Fran Melzer, Deborah Dohrman and Jennifer Hogan. A prime candidate for Male Athlete of the Meet was Steve Joyner, who dominated the sprints in the 50-54 age group. . (Track and Field)

USAFA Track and Field

 Ian Pennington (September 25, 2008)  The USAFA track and field team, coached by Ralph Lindeman, will begin their new season on 1/3/09, in Reno, Nevada. They will be taking part in the National Pole Vault Summit. Coach Lindeman announced the team's schedule for the upcoming season on September 19, 2008. The USAFA track and field team, the official team of the United States Air Force Academy, will compete in four meets at .. (Track and Field)

Team Slogans For Track and Field - Urge Runners to Go the Distance

 Ian Pennington (September 25, 2008)  At any given track meet, the team slogans on the back of most team's warm up suits are often as hilarious as they are motivational. Fans can expect to see anything from, “Run like you stole something" to, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. " Where on earth do these slogans come from, who approves them, and what is behind the major attitude displayed on the backs of .. (Track and Field)

Tips on How to Jump Higher

 Charles Nash (August 13, 2008)  I wanted to take some time to share some tips on how to jump higher. There is a lot of little things you can do, right now, that will help improve your jumping. A lot of people assume that they're cursed by genetics, that they'll never be able to jump that high. This is all just baloney. Some people are born with things in place, but you have the ability to train your body to be able to . (Track and Field)

3 Myths About Javelin Throwing

 Byron Collyer (July 31, 2008)  Myth #1: You have to lock your block leg. A lot of coaches and javelin throwers believe that you have to actually lock your block leg when you're throwing. All it takes is watching some advanced throwers on tape to come to the realization that the block leg lands in a slightly bent position then, because of the torque applied to the body through the throwing motion locks out as the .. (Track and Field)

How to Use the Javelin Run Up

 AnneMarie Whelan (July 24, 2008)  I get people regularly asking me questions like “how much run up do you have in Javelin throw?" and “how long should my javelin run up be?". Here I'll answer these questions. Firstly, you are entitled to use the whole run-up area (marked from the throw line to the track). Plus the whole width of the track (usually 8 lanes) to the surrounding fence/barrier around the track. .. (Track and Field)

Safety at Javelin Training

 AnneMarie Whelan (July 24, 2008)  You've probably all seen those videos of people being hit with javelins, through their body, their leg, etc. etc. Yeah, it's funny for a few seconds but would you really like to be the one hit by the javelin? Or the person who threw the javelin which hit that person? Probably NOT! Here are some tips to avoid such accidents: Many javelin throwers will have multiple javelins to throw at .. (Track and Field)

A Glimpse of the US Trials on the Way to Beijing 2008

 Cindy Ferguson (July 14, 2008)  The 2008 Summer Olympics that will be held in Beijing, China, are just a few weeks away and in the United States many sports disciplines are in the trials process to determine the athletes that will be part of this year's US delegation, which will be its largest delegation to date and it will be competing in 27 sports. Track and field is one of the sports disciplines facing the Olympic . (Track and Field)

Lagat, Goucher and Flanagan Are Big Time in 08 Olympic Track and Field Trials

 Ed Bagley (July 11, 2008)  One of America's newest citizens, Kenyan-born Bernard Lagat, ran with a renewed passion at the recent 2008 Olympic Trials at the University of Oregon. Lagat, who captured an historic double victory in the 5000 and 1500-meter events at last year's World Championships, repeated the feat before the nation's greatest track fans at Oregon's newly-remodeled Hayward Field, which received a .. (Track and Field)

USA Middle Distance Outdoor Records For Male Super Master Runners Ages 50 74

 Ed Bagley (June 27, 2008)  There has been a standing joke forever about “fast" women, but few people outside of the track community realize that among our senior runners are some very “fast" men who grab our attention in another way. They run themselves to American records at meets on college and university tracks from Maine to California. Masters runners used to be 40 years old and up, but now there . (Track and Field)

Several Track and Field Girl Athletes Prove Their Great Sportsmanship and Substance

 Ed Bagley (June 18, 2008)  Two separate events recently showed once again how incredibly impressive our young women in American can be-one an instance of pure sportsmanship at its best, and the other an instance of pure desire, determination and substance. The first event happened at the Washington Class 4A State Girls Track & Field Championship Meet at Pasco, and the running of the 3,200-meter race with .. (Track and Field)

Vertical Limit Learn to Jump Higher

 Adam Sinicki (June 17, 2008)  A good vertical jump is a useful skill for traceurs, basket ball players, martial artists, athletes, climbers and kangaroos. It's also just a cool thing to be able to do. In fact as a kid my pulling technique consisted entirely of jumping onto high things then wiggling my eyebrows at girls and going ‘eh?’. Perhaps unsurprisingly I didn't date much until I was. . . 20. . . .. (Track and Field)

Run a Marathon - Things You Have To Know

 Bill Pratt (December 25, 2007)  For those who are planning to participate in running a marathon, here are some things that you would need to know to make sure that your mind and body are well prepared. 1. To prevent poor performance, make sure that you are properly prepared. It could be the biggest mistake to instantly assume that you would just be fine and dandy on the day of the marathon, thinking that it would be .. (Track and Field)

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