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Tennis Elbow Symptoms


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Tennis elbow is one of the commonest stress injuries of the arm. It is some sort of tendonitis that at some point affects nearly one-third of all Americans tennis players. However, tennis players are not the only victims, since any activity that involves forceful and repeated muscular contraction of the arm muscles can induce tennis elbow. Working with the tools involved in carpentry, gardening, landscaping, raking leaves, or even tightly gripping a ponderous briefcase are some of the activities that can induce tennis elbow. Baseball, bowling, golf, racket sports such as badminton and shuttlecock, and even playing darts can cause it.

Some of the tennis elbow symptoms and signs are given below. The common symptom is presence of persistent pain on the outside of the upper forearm and just below the elbow joint. Now and then, the pain radiates down the upper arm toward the forearm and wrist. Individuals feel the pain when they extend their wrist. They may also feel it difficult to extend their forearm fully.

The other tennis elbow symptoms include a weak grip and feeling pain when the individuals bump or touch the outside of their elbow. They may feel a painful grip when performing certain activities such as shaking hands or controlling a doorknob. In many cases, the affected individuals may feel pain when bending or lifting the arm or even holding on light objects such as a juice glass or a teacup. The pain often turns worse when it is untreated for weeks or months. Sometimes, in some cases, the individuals may feel pain even while their arm is static.

Persistent strain on the forearm muscles, which extend the wrist and fingers, often causes tennis elbow. The activities such as playing golf, tennis, and similar sports and repeated extension or twisting of the wrist while work or when performing hobby activities may strain these muscles. In rare cases, a direct and powerful blow to the elbow can induce tennis elbow. Other causes include a pinched nerve in the cervix, pertained pain from a shoulder complaint, or pressure on the musculospiral nerve in the elbow region. Physicians can easily diagnose tennis elbow symptoms by examining the effected elbow. X-ray may be very helpful in determining the problem.

Treating tennis elbow may consume at least three to six weeks. Taking adequate rest and avoiding over use of elbow during the treatment period would help a lot. The first treatment of tennis elbow includes limiting the extended activities elbow; to achieve this, the physicians use a splint that immobilizes the wrist. Some physiotherapeutic activities and massage help to get rid of the ailment. For some rare cases, the physicians may suggest corticosteroid injections. In case of ineffectiveness of the conservative treatment, physicians may suggest surgery.

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