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How English Football Stadiums Have Changed


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In the past 20 years football grounds in England and Wales have undergone a major transformation. The terraces which were popular with the majority of supporters have now gone. It was traditional to stand up whilst watching the game but that is no longer possible. In their place are now all seating stadiums which many fans do not enjoy.

Some clubs have to enforce the no standing rule as some fans are determined to stand up even though they have a seat.

Not everyone approves of how English football stadiums have changed. Many people claim that not allowing fans to stand adversely effects the overall atmosphere inside the ground. When fans stood on the terraces they would celebrate a goal by jumping up and down in a joyous manner.

The terraces were also responsible for many football songs and chanting which encouraged the teams.
After the Hillsborough disaster, there was no doubt English football became more aware of safety. The game had to ensure the tragic loss of life was not repeated at other stadiums around the country. While the measures introduced were a positive and welcome change there is a feeling that they went too far.
A huge number of football supporters believe that some standing areas should be made available to those who wish to stand up while watching the match. Many feel this can be achieved without compromising on the safety of fans.

If a selective standing area were to be reintroduced there is no doubt they would be very popular.
There has been a large number of clubs who have left their old grounds and instead moved to custom built new stadiums. Some critics claim that such stadiums lack character and personality compared to the old English football stadiums.

For some supporters, the thought of their club leaving the spiritual home is unthinkable and many will oppose any plans to move.
Old football stadiums are steeped in history spanning more than a century of professional football in most cases. A brand new custom built sporting venue may be efficient but fans regard them as a concrete and steel structure that has no soul.

New stadiums cannot compete with a ground that has witnessed football for over 100 years. Eventually a modern stadium will become more popular but it will take a long time for supporters to truly accept them.

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