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Soccer Goal Related Injuries


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Soccer goal is all that is needed to make a score and it is impossible to play soccer without this. It is just a simple piece of metal or sometimes hard kind of plastic equipment but it sure plays a very crucial role in the soccer game. There is no such position as a goalie if there is no such thing as a goal or better referred to as a goal post, but the most unattainable thing here is that there is no score if there is no goal.

Soccer goal is made of steel specifically but now it comes on a variety of built depending on its intended purpose. It can be movable or fixed, small or large, depending on the age brackets of the players and the preferences of the players who will use it. The importance of the goal is as harmful also of the danger it can bring if not constructed and mounted properly.

According to one survey firm, the National Soccer Participation Survey says that more than 16 million people in the US alone play soccer and the majority of them were minors or under the age of 18 years old. This is the number of persons who are facing great danger of the improperly built or installed soccer goals.

The approximate number of goal posts in the United States as of now is 225,000 to 500,000. Imagine the number of injuries and deaths it can cause if almost all of them were not anchored properly or unstable. Many of the goal-related accidents were caused by a tip over or falling goals, which in turn made by unlicensed manufacturers such as local welders.

From 1979 to1994, at least 25 deaths and 120 estimated injuries were attributed to movable goals. Let's not wait for this to happen in our very own children. Parental or professional supervision is required when we let them play soccer. Make sure that the goals they were using is professionally made and used according to specifications. In the end, the life we save maybe our own child's.

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