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Ski Boots - The Key To Your Enjoyment On The Slopes


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Ski boots are an essential part of your gear when you hit the slopes. The skis are the sexy part of the equipment package, but don’t overlook the importance of what goes on your feet. Ski boots affect many things, including your performance, stability, safety, and comfort. Let’s take a look at these in order, exploring the reasons why choosing a high quality pair of ski boots from a leading manufacturer is vital, and offering tips for selecting the right pair for you.

In terms of performance on the hill, your ski boots are the focal point of control. Your poles help you position and turn, and the skis are the interface with, and through, the snow, but the boots are the key to crisp, clean motion, needed for both competitive skiing and a pleasurable outing on the white stuff. Your ski boots transfer your energy and motion directly to the skis. A pair that does not function well, that is loose in the bindings, ill fitting, worn out, or unstable will perform poorly, reducing the effectiveness of your movements. Turns that are sloppy will be the least of your concerns. Stability and safety will be affected, too, if there is any delay in the transfer of your movement to your skis.

Secondly, stability is increased with quality boot that are in good shape. The torques involved in some types of skiing, especially when going fast, can be hard on feet and ankles. Solid, good-fitting boots will deliver outstanding stability, absorbing much of the force of turns, and the shock of bumps and landings. Without the stability that ski boots provide, your ankles will tire quickly with any type of aggressive skiing, leading to a shortened day and possible injury.

Thirdly, ski boots that fit well and function properly will help keep you safe out there. They connect to the bindings, which must release the boot when a spill happens. If the boots don’t fit into the bindings correctly, they may release too soon, or not at all, both of which are very dangerous. In addition, quality ski boots are tough and durable, providing good protection to feet and ankles.

Finally, a good pair of ski boots must deliver a comfortable ride. That’s not to say it won’t take some time for a new skier’s feet to acclimate to boots, but once done, comfort will be an important factor. Make sure your ski boots fit correctly and that the straps are properly adjusted for the type of skiing you will be doing.

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