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Finding the Right Running Shoe


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It is essential that everyone runs in the right type of running shoe. The first step to finding the right type of shoe is to be aware of the type of foot that you have. There are three main types of feet. These include: flat feet, high-arched feet and neutral feet.

Countless people around the world are afflicted with flat feet. Having flat feet is actually a medical condition that is referred to as fallen arches. This medical condition occurs when the arch of the foot collapses. When this occurs the entire sole of the foot makes contact with the ground. It is estimated that a little less than one third of the population is flat footed.

People who have flat feet need a specific type of running shoe, this is because flat feet tend to roll inwards when a person runs. Usually, the best athletic shoes for these people are motion control shoes. Motion control running shoes offer a great deal of strength and support. These shoes support the increased movement of a flat foot and provide extra support while running.

Another foot type is the high-arched foot. People that have high arches tend to have increased movement when they run. This movement is similar to flat-footed people, only in the opposite direction. Runners with high arches tend to need flexible running shoes. This is as a result of their feet rolling inwards when they run.

The third main foot type is the neutral foot type. Individuals with neutral feet do not need a specific type of athletic shoe for running. Any shoe that boasts a large amount of support and cushioning will work great for neutral footed individuals.

After considering foot type it is best to consider how much running is completed each week. The amount of running that the shoes will support is an important factor in choosing the right type of running shoes.

Some people walk every day, while other people run. Some of these runners are short distance athletes, while others are long distance runners and they all need different types of shoes.

Walkers need a basic shoe. They do not need something that has extra support or cushioning, unless they have a certain problem with their feet. On the other hand, sprinters need highly cushioned and supportive shoes just like long distance runners.

The final factor that is important to consider when purchasing running shoes is age and gender. Children's, men's and women's shoes can all vary slightly. This is because men, women and children all have different types of feet.

Finally, to really find the best pair of running shoes it is important to consult a running shoe professional. Shoe professionals will be able to analyze both your foot and your running style. He or she will determine your foot type and your appropriate size. This analysis is sure to lead anyone to the right pair of athletic shoes for any gender and foot type.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for Web sites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background also includes running, yoga, and tattoos. For more of her useful information on running and running shoes, visit .


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